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    Hi guys,

    Hope you are able to answer me. One of my Facebook-ads has been challenged by ASA. I don't agree with them, so I am providing them with more information, while still using the current ad.
    They write: "The ad must not appear again in the form complained about." and they are sending their draft recommendation to the ASA Council, "who may see things differently."
    I have read about the sanctions on their website and if it really comes to the point where the council agrees with the Advertising Standards Authority I will, of course, change the ads.
    My question to you guys is, do I risk being fined for using the ad between now and when the Council are making their decision? They write nothing about the risk of fines for using the ad and I have not been able to find anything online, so I tend to think that there is no risk of being fined, but then again, I just don't know. Any of you guys have experience dealing with ASA and the ASA council?
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    You have been told by them - the risks are yours now.
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    I complained about 2 ads a firm made once - they basically claimed 95% of brokers were guilty of miss selling - which is complete BS obviously. I found that the ASA were quite helpful and asked a few questions prior to moving forward. They did not just forward my complaint on.

    So from my limited experience, they would not just forward it on unless they thought there was an element of truth in the complaint.

    Why not call the ASA up and ask them for some guidance? They are there to help you as much as they are to slap you on the wrists if you have broken any rules.
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