Are you 1 in a 100? small charities seeking perfect PR, marketing or online partner

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    As some of you may know, we launched our search earlier this year for a Charity of the Year and were overwhelmed with applications from 100 wonderful causes including international, national and local organisations, charities and social enterprises and every issue from health and poverty to animal welfare and education.
    We have chosen Prime a charity helping over 50's to find employment by setting up their own business.
    We are calling on our colleagues whether in marketing, PR, design or web/online, to see if you might be able to spare a few hours or more, to make a real difference to small charities and other not for profits that can't afford their own PR/marketing support.
    The organisations that applied to us were looking for support with everything from branding and online communications to help with media relations, PR, events and campaigns.
    We have listed these organisations on our website at

    Thank you.
    Helen, Upward Curve PR
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    I currently help one charity a quarter with their marketing/audience/donor strategies. It is very rewarding.

    My current "cause" has turned into quite a commitment time and resource wise but it is a charity I believe in.

    The great thing is I have learnt much along the way, met some amazing people and several rather useful contacts. Never the intention, but things come when you are not looking for them.

    I have bookmarked your list for when I have less of a commitment to my current cause.

    I can only recommend people getting involved, it is really rewarding and helps hone your skills. There is also more freedom to be creative as there is less pressure.
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    Hi Alisdair

    You are absolutely right, it is really rewarding.

    We have adopted a charity of the year, for the last five years and each member of the team also has 4 days a week which they can use to offer pro bono support to the charity of their choice on top of this.

    We have learnt so much from the organisations we have worked with and been able to work on some great campaigns.

    Thanks for offering to see if you can help some charities on the list later in the year.

    For anyone else out there, who is looking to build up their portfolio or has a little spare capacity at the moment, please do consider these charities they really will benefit from whatever time you can have.
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