Are there any fulfillment companies who can cater for small, eco-friendly businesses?

Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by GlitterClaire, Jun 25, 2019.

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    Hello :)

    I am in the process of setting up an e-commerce business which is going to be 100% plastic free so I am looking for a fulfillment company who can cater to this requirement. I will be selling eco-friendly clothing and accessories.

    I am looking for somewhere with simple pricing, who can use plastic free boxes/bags &/or biodegradable mailers and cost effective for a small business.

    I used to use a brilliant fulfillment company with my last e-commerce company (which I sold last year) who were great but they sadly closed down last year. It worked really well because they were a small business too so it was a very personal service. Most of the fulfillment companies I am finding on google seem geared towards bigger businesses or overly complicated with their pricing structure!

    Ideally I am after around £3.50 for an average order in Royal Mail 24hr/1st class which would be for example a sweatshirt (pick, pack, packaging and postage). The last company I used it was c.£3 for the first 1-3 items and included a sticker on the packaging and insert in the order.

    Is there anywhere anyone would recommend?! Really appreciate any help!
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    I work with V A Distribution Swindon (Alan Walters) who are very good and I know they handle or used to handle the fulfillment for a company importing & distributing 'Vegan' handbags throughout the UK, Europe & Worldwide. They could be a good fit for your business....
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    I use Rayloo Ltd, they have been very efficient and responsive to my needs (I run my wife's company among other things we sell bandana bibs they have been brilliant in doing ad hoc stuff from me and definitely have gone above and beyond . It is a small company so can do that personal service.

    You can email Ben [email protected]
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    Thank you very much Mike :) I will get in touch with Alan :)
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