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    At the moment, I buy all my stuff through wholesalers, either in Europe or Japan. I use more or less the same suppliers as my competitors. Wholesale prices vary by no more than 2% in volume.

    The problem is, the discounts offered off the retail price are pretty poor. Of course, everyone pays the same prices, so I'm not at a disadvantage in this respect.

    I would dearly like to buy at the same discounts that Japanese shops do. There are some (admittedly huge) B&M shops that sell at close to my wholesale price, and most sell at something like 10-15% off the RRP, which suggests they must be buying at least 50% off RRP (assuming the dynamics of the Japanese B&M sector is the same as in the UK).

    My problem is, I have no idea who to contact. Their corporate website doesn't have any details for a wholesale or commercial department, only their general consumer support service (which is not currently accepting enquiries by email).

    I've also never dealt with Japanese corporates before, only smaller manufacturers. Japan has a pretty unique corporate culture, and my business Japanese is limited. I don't want to accidently insult someone by using the wrong form of address.

    Does anyone have any experience dealing with Japanese corporates, and have any ideas on how I go about finding out who to approach? If I could get to Japan, I'd just go to their corporate headquarters and ask them but pandemic, you know...

    China and Japan are quite different, and this is a reputable global brand, so experience of dealing with Chinese manufacturers doesn't really apply here.
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    Thanks, I did speak to the Embassy and they put me in contact with JETRO. They gave me some wholesalers to approach, rather than talk to the brand directly. I suppose it's probably worth talking to them if they are first line distributors.
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