Apostrophe question when company name ends in an "S"

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  1. Newchodge

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    Does that introduce the element of nouns whose plurals are es rather than s. 2 bosses - so s's is the standard pronumciation in those cases, anyway.
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    It does but I can’t see how it would invalidate the need to use ‘s with the singular noun:
    the boss’s new secretary

    Despite the pronunciation being the same, it makes a huge difference in writing.

    NB I am not sure if I understood you correctly.
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  3. Jeff FV

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    1. The boss’s new secretary
    2. The bosses’ new secretary
    In 1, there is only one boss, who has a new secretary. In 2, there is a collective of bosses (I.e, more than one boss) who have one new secretary to look after them all.
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