Anyone shop from China through a Taobao Agent?

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Anyone shop from China through a Taobao Agent?

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    Taobao is often referred to as "the Chinese eBay". Basically, it's a marketplace for sellers to post stuff for sale. Taobao is much more lenient on selling replica\counterfeit things to the general public.

    It is difficult for new users to shop from Chinese shops because of the language and payment barriers.
    That's why there are taobao agents/Chinese agents to help global users to buy&ship Chinese items to customer's address directly.

    I think most of you have never heard about it. have a try if you are interested, you can shop items that cannot find on Aliexpress with affordable prices.

    Enjoy your first shopping experience through YOYBUY.
    Posted: Aug 13, 2018 By: Taobao agent Member since: Jul 23, 2018