Anyone running a self-hosted mailing list? I'm sick of useless cloud services!

Discussion in 'IT & Internet' started by Clinton, Dec 8, 2019.

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    I've always been against SaaS type exploitation for stuff like word processing. Everybody and his dog have been trying to get us to subscribe to stuff rather than just selling us stuff.

    And in most cases that's not necessary. Not with wordprocessing and not with, I've now decided, mailing lists / subscriber emails. I want to pay a one off fee and own my data, not pay a monthly and have someone else holding me by the short and curlies.

    My list is with Mailchimp and I'm not happy to pay a monthly fee for them doing b*gger all. Well, they're not doing any more than what any half decent self hosted package would do. So why pay monthly?

    When I started it was free up to, I think, 2000 subscribers. So that's fine. But now that I'm paying monthly, what am I getting?

    I'm getting jack!

    And to make it worse, deliverability is crap - I'm whack-a-mole-ing with adding Mailchimp's IPs and IP ranges to the SPF record in my DNS Zone ...and I still get DMARC reports showing SPF failures. (Don't believe what Mailchimp tell you about using only three specific IP ranges. They do use others!).

    If I were doing all the delivery from my own trusted domain and IP I wouldn't have any of those problems ...and a single IP in my SPF TXT would cover me 100%. I could even change the ?all in SPF and go more strict.

    So it's time for a self-hosted solution. Anyone self-hosting their mailing list? Perhaps a software like NuevoMailer, Mautic (self), DadaMail or similar? Or even Sendy type software using Amazon AWS (where any monthly payment is based on actual bandwidth used and is a fraction of the cost of the Drips, the Chimps etc)?

    I'm tired of having to deal with tech bullsh*t (unless it's my own tech bullsh*t). Self hosting will take less, not more, tech knowledge and less fiddling about with all kinds of settings crap.
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  2. KM-Tiger

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    I have a client that does (around 8K subscribers), but not sure what software they use to actually generate the email. But I could enquire.

    The emails are relayed out via one of their MTAs which adds the DKIM signature, and is all correct with SPF and DMARC. I had to tweak the configuration of that MTA to get the emails to go out at a reasonable rate. Default settings on MTAs are conservative. Provided you are not short of bandwidth, you can go a lot faster than defaults will allow, so the whole 8K goes out in under 30 mins.

    A tip I got from the good folks at - do your bulk sending from a different IP address to the one you use for general email. Don't know if your setup will allow that, but if you can, do.
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  3. Alan

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    I used to use PHPlist through Amazon SES. Worked fine, especially if you don't need the wysiwyg type of email template builder stuff that comes with MailChimp etc.

    However, right now I uses SaaS based EmailOctopus (Connect) linked to Amazon SES (mainly because I can't be bothered managing yet another software stack ). Whilst still a SaaS based model it is substantially cheaper than MailChimp that have been pushing prices up for a while.

    Octopus connect $19 /month 5,000 emails in list and PAYG with Amazon SES ( pennies) versus the chimp $49 per month ....
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    Alan's solution is similar to mine and we send a few 100k emails a month.

    We used a plugin to our Joomla now WP site which sent the email via Amazon SES and now Elastic Email using their SMTP servers.

    If you do not need to tie the list into anything like a website, I used to love PHPlist, but have a look at Mautic - wow - that's a powerful piece of self hosted kit!

    BTW, they don't give anything away for free!!! ;)
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    You tight git!

    (Background for readers: I met @consultant at The Business Show in London, where I go every year to pick up free pens. I got free pens from everyone else but not @consultant! I'll go back and try again next year and keep you posted.)

    But, yes, I do need to look into Mautic a bit more.
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  6. consultant

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    ..and it was great seeing a fellow UKBF'er there!

    Mautic is a lot more than a normal mailing list manager.

    Landing pages, workflows, social media management and a lot more! Tie it in with a CRM and you will have a very powerful tool.
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    Mautic looks good
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  8. Ecommerce-Help

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    I've used Mautic self hosted and phpList self hosted and found both of them to be really good.
    Posted: Jan 8, 2020 By: Ecommerce-Help Member since: Jan 7, 2020
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    Mautic is a fantastic free self-hosted application. It does a lot more than just email lists. You'll get a lot more control over your data and not rely on 'mail chimp' and its poor IP reputation. Wherever you host Mautic check what resources you can use of the server / with your hosting provider.
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    Alternative that works great is using Sendy + Amazon SES
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