Anybody Received The Discretionary Grant/Rates Top Up Scheme?

Discussion in 'COVID-19 Forum' started by heath80, Jul 17, 2020.

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    Hey there

    just wondering if anybody here has received the discretionary grant scheme they setup for people who didn't quite qualify for the first round of business rates grants funding?

    They announced it on May the 1st, my council took a month to figure out how they'd do it and opened an application form 1st of June. Closing date 14th June.
    I enquired with them 3 days ago, a month after the closing date and was emailed back asking to provide more information on cash flow and proof etc. My neighbour next door exactly the same the day after he enquired & after we'd already provided all this information on the application form. You could wonder why they didn't ask for it themselves in the last month. It's not like people haven't been enquiring with them in the meantime.
    So just wondering has anyone actually received anything from this top up scheme or is it just my local council being slack. They haven't even reopened the Hub which we find weird. We find it pretty bad how people were given 10k with no questions asked at the start of lockdown for potential incoming hardship and now with us they are making us jump through hoops and making us state how bad it was for us. There's not enough money in the pot either, we know that. We should be priority according to Gov advise though as we are all in seperate licenced offices but we just don't have our own rates bill.

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    Very interesting, we are in the exact same position as you.

    Completed the form and submitted all the details then we get an email some weeks later saying we must submit management accounts, bank statements, copies of rent, utility bills etc etc within 7 days otherwise application will be rejected, majority of which had already been sent.

    We then send in everything we can get our hands on despite the business premises still being closed and three weeks later we are still waiting!!

    Frankly, I think it’s an utter disgrace, as you say many businesses got the £10k to £25k grants no questions asked yet we are having to do dam cartwheels to get the same support out the council.

    As there was a deadline to apply, they must know how many applications they have and how much money they have left for grants so why can’t they divide the one by the other and forward the remaining funds out to help us?

    Like you I don't know any business that has had anything from this grant. I will update here if we get anything approved
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    I applied through the normal grant schemes - got rejected......small manufacturers not covered. I phoned and tried to appeal to their better nature = rejected with sympathy. Wrote to my MP = useless standard email reply back telling me to apply through normal channels. I emailed my local district councillors, they did at least make some phone calls...but got nowhere.

    I read in my local paper about the new Discretionary scheme. I applied online = immediate rejection. Phoned them up, they gave me a code to bypass the first eligibility screen. Filled in loads of details: rates, rents, effect of Covid, 2 yrs accounts, 3 months bank statement. Got confirmation email back, stating the council would consider my application/contact me further. No where in the application process was there a section to request a specific amount I.e. 10k..or 25k.

    Never heard anything for 4 weeks, then I checked my bank account.....and magically they had deposited £25k...

    So yes, I was successful.
    The application process was awful.
    The communication was awful.

    But I am extremely grateful.
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    The way the first grant was doled out to any business with a BR under £51K, is an absolute disgrace.

    I know landlords who received the grant, I know new businesses who took the grant and ran. How is it fair that these people got the grant without question?

    Then there's us, in business for 47 years. Applied and rejected. Should I try contacting them and beg? I doubt I'd get anything as we're in London and there are just too many in need and not enough to go around.

    It's different depending on where you are. Your council may be able to consider your business if you provide all the paperwork. There maybe money left in the budget for you in your area. It's worth a try. Not me unfortunately.
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    Well they could have set up a scheme for every business to apply and for individual circumstances and sectors to be looked at. Probably got the first payments out by August instead of April.
    And with everyone screaming to be paid first.
    Be maybe a couple of years to pay everyone and be tens of millions of pounds in cost to administer.

    Would it have helped? No.

    Sometimes a quick and broad brush approach that gets money out quickly gives a better result than a much more carefully managed and involved process that takes months to set up then a couple of years to process all claims.

    Like the Tories or not, the grant scheme and the bounce back loan scheme were broad brush ideas that got money issued quickly for those as qualified. Crude, wasteful and quick. I think we can live with that. Rather than a much better idea with input from interested parties that gets implemented a few years later....

    Without help those businesses negatively affected by lockdown or the virus would have had to survive just on their on hand cash. And you can imagine how many would still be around at the end of the year.
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