Any removals/storage or property companys on here?

Discussion in 'East Midlands' started by MorrisChesterfield, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. MorrisChesterfield

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    Are there any Removals/self storage or property clearance companys in the forum?

    Ben Morris
    Morris self storage & Property clearance
    Posted: Dec 6, 2008 By: MorrisChesterfield Member since: Oct 26, 2008
  2. dannyboy85

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    I work for a self storage company based in the NW of England...

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  3. saxondale

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    wave next time I flash you driving out of Bakewell .............
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  4. AcornWorldwide

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    Hi Ben,

    We have a removals company here in London, Acorn Worldwide Limited. We specialise in overseas removals along with UK and European. We have a lot of traffic in to the UAE where we have our sister company Acorn Movers LLC.

    So how are we planning on making millions together? :)
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  5. MorrisChesterfield

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    drug running i think lol

    its hard at the min, but it will come round. best think it dont bite of more than you can chew.

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  7. simon field

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    Five and a half years later?

    I doubt it!
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  8. peterorl

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    It is possible that someone looks for a removal company.
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  9. Robert Walker

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    can someone tell me approximately how much storage space I need in a locker that is eight-foot high for the following items?

    medicine cabinet
    3 x small chest of drawers
    smokers Cabinet
    record player
    2 x amplifier
    2 x coffee table
    2 x tall speakers
    2 x small table
    30" flatscreen TV
    large DVD player
    7 draw "seminaire" chest
    oak chair
    Oak DVD storage unit
    keyhole desk
    glass fronted bookcase
    pine desk
    piano chair
    small circular dining table and 4 chairs
    3 tier bookcase
    freestanding fridge freezer
    2 x medium chest of drawers
    microwave, toaster and kettle
    washing machine
    bedside table
    approximately 10 medium boxes household items

    Thank you!
    Posted: Nov 17, 2015 By: Robert Walker Member since: Nov 17, 2015
  10. Superb Moves

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    Hi Robert.
    To give some clarification around your enquiry I believe a storage unit of the size between 70 sq.ft and 100 sq.ft should be enough. Of course this pretty much depends on which storage unit company are you going to use! As weird as this may sound to you there are big difference in between storage providers when we are talking about actual size of units. For instance if one storage company offers a 80 sq.ft unit of size at another storage company they can offer you an unit, which they may claim to be of size of 100 sq.ft, but in actual size could actually equal that of the 80 sq.ft offered by the first storage provider. The second most important thing is to consider who will be arranging the items in the storage. Trust me as I know from long years of experience, if you book the right removal company with the right expertise among its team members, they can do miracles for you and save you a lot of space, while at the same time securing the valuables in the best possible way. Not to mention that this would result in some nice financial savings from the storage unit rentals fees as well. As a third point of interest I would like to point your attention to the fact that there are a lot of storage companies that won't charge you extra if you book a large unit with them and then you decide to switch to a smaller unit with them, before moving in. Please have this in mind as this kind of information can help you have more choices and breathing space to make the best choices as accordingly to your needs.
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