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    Basically I failed to send a request for information for a customer and then got an email today reminded that the request for information is overdue and has to be in by the middle of next week. I sent it today to all departments, I apologised and asked them to send the information ASAP. If I fail to meet the deadline will my company get fined? it is to do with gdpr. A customer has requested all the information we hold
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    First offence, recently introduced regulations and an ICO that has said they will use an initial light touch, so the chances are slim.
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    Contact the customer and just say I thought it important to give you a little update we are on with getting your information however I am still waiting for confirmation from a couple of departments. As soon as you have the information it will be sent to you. If you need anything else please feel free to contact me.

    Most people are pretty understanding if they are informed about any potential delays to their requests.
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    How much information is "All the information"? If, for example, such information would need to be sanitised to protect the identities of other third parties, then this is a valid reason for extending the deadline.
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    Has the customer completed the relevant request forms?
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