Alarming news for Amazon Advertising API users!

Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by Karl M, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. Karl M

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    Amazon ready to upgrade PA API to the next version and it will bring some unexpected consequences. All sellers have to get new API keys, which means, verify your account again and show a certain number of sales. But for most Amazon software companies API changes could real headache.

    The strangest thing in this story is how silently Amazon implement changes in such delicate mater as API, without any additional announcements. If you want to know the details - the full article is here.
    Posted: Sep 11, 2019 By: Karl M Member since: Jul 5, 2019
  2. philipking2019

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    Not like Google, Amazon always changes the rule silently. Anyway, thanks for sharing.
    Posted: Sep 12, 2019 By: philipking2019 Member since: Jul 4, 2019