AirPOS launches multi-channel retail solution with the launch of AirPOS e-commerce

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What stops independent retailers from selling online?

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  1. I don't have a budget for e-commerce

  2. I don't understand e-commerce

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  3. I don't need to sell online

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  4. I want to create my own e-commerce store

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  5. I need a webstore that integrates with my current inventory

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  1. AirPOS CEO

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    Hi all,

    Just a heads up that we've just launched the latest addition to our AirPOS retail software platform allowing independent retailers to sell online as easily as they currently do in their shops. Our new e-commerce platform features:
    • Fully integrated inventory and stock management, synching your online sales with the sales in your shops
    • Payments by PayPal allowing you to take PayPal payments, including debit card and credit card online and also in your shop if you add PayPal Here to our iPad or Android POS software
    • Configurable design where you can add banners and featured products to your webstore
    • No coding skills required!
    If you're interested please check out our brand new website at or call our Sales Team on +44  8081 681 028
    Posted: Jan 17, 2018 By: AirPOS CEO Member since: Jan 4, 2018