Agricultural Vegetables/Fruit importing to Essex, UK - (from India). Partners/Customers wanted!

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    I live near DP World Port in Thurrock, Essex, UK. I am setting up a bolt-on business to my small retail business. The plan is to import mostly vegetables (and some fruit) from agricultural farm land in India that is owned by myself and my family relatives - we have been farmers for multiple generations, its in our DNA. And there's lots of us scattered across Rajasthan, Gujarat. A LOT of us!!

    My mission is to provide a service delivering direct from farm to customer. If you want to order from us, just pm me with your requirements and we can discuss!

    If you are already a supplier in this industry, who needs propping up with competitive pricing and quality goods - we want to talk to you and develop an ongoing relationship.

    Most importantly, if you are in the agricultural technology sector, we REALLY want to talk to you !! You could potential partner with an army of farmers from India, that's how deep the potential of our network could be. We have the logistics, manpower, office space, farm land... the final piece of our puzzle? Agricultural Automation Partnerships. If your a startup like us, we'd love to collaborate with you and get some test cases in the field ASAP!

    Just PM me for more information. Even if it is just to network a little with no plans for any immediate business. Thanks for reading.
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