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    Hi Everyone

    So Ive done a bit of research regarding Adwords and VAT

    Im not registered but think I will be very soon.

    From my research it seems that because I haven't added a VAT number to my Adwords account that I will have been charged Irish VAT on my spend.

    If I add a VAT number they will not charge and I can use the reverse charge vat scheme .

    Does this sound correct .

    My question is can I claim back the VAT already paid to them when I register as this would represent a very large chunk .

    I dont seem to have a VAT invoice from them .

    Its all quite confusing.

    Thanks for your time .

    Any info greatly welcome .

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    Strictly speaking if you’re a business they shouldn’t be charging your Irish VAT and it should still be a reverse charge supply even though you aren’t VAT registered but a lot of these online services will only entertain the idea of you give them a VAT number.

    Unfortunately you probably won’t be able to reclaim the Irish VAT.
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