Advice sought on impact of import VAT and Duty on ceramics to be exhibited in the UK

Discussion in 'International Business' started by HJC, Feb 5, 2018.

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    I am planning an international ceramics exhibition for my business later this year. I have asked several individual makers of ceramics to send me works from USA, Japan and Australia.

    I have done some google research and it appears confusing. Here are the facts of what the situation is - any advice appreciated.

    Each maker is an individual who makes works of ceramic art signed by them (which seems important for reduced rate import VAT - correct?)

    The work will be provided to me on a sale or return basis - also called consignment basis. I will offer it for sale in the exhibition but it may not sell and I will have to send it back.

    Each artist will pack the goods and send them at their cost to us in the UK - does this still make me an importer?

    The goods will be held by my business for no longer than 3 months.

    What should the artist put on customs forms when sending it over to me to minimise my charges on point of entry?

    how do I avoid them paying import duties when sending it back?

    Thanks for any help provided in advance!
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    Most countries, US and Oz in particular, have much higher thresholds so there may be no duty payable anyway.
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