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    Hey guys,

    I hope you're all having a great Monday.

    This is Gona be pretty long and I apolgise in advance but I'm looking for some advice on a position that's available with CR Smith. I have an interview for Sales Executive position and I would be covering the Edinburgh and Lothians area selling windows, doors and conservatories etc. The package seems decent with 22k basic, fully expensed company car, pension and private health care. OTE are 40-50k in first year.

    I've spoken with a friend of mine who used to sell windows for a local glazing company in the Borders and he hit 55k with company car etc.

    I currently work for a furniture company and have earned 45k per year over the last 2 years but there seems to be a serious downturn in footfall and employer is just flooding the sales floor with even more staff to ensure we're converting as many customers as possible. This means with fewer customers and more staff my earnings have taken a serious hit (£800 down on Aprils wage compared to last year alone).

    CR Smith say you'll get on average 3 leads per day. I know they are one of the pricier companies out there but I believe their product is one of the best quality on the market so I think the sale process will involve a lot of haggling and follow up calls. I'm fine with this but with a 4th baby on the way I just need some help in deciding the following - do I stick with the status quo where I'm an important member of the team and hope that business gets better and other sales people leave so my earnings increase again or do I move into a field environment where the potential to earn decent money seems realistic and I'm only competing with myself and not 10 other Sales people?

    Any and all feedback would be great but If anyone has experience of working for CR Smith your input would be especially welcome.

    Many thanks,

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