Advice on employing (or not) my first staff?

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    A given job has a value to the business regardless of who does it. Why would you pay different rates for the same job?
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    Because he is also a charity.
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    Which is included in the charge that the agency makes to the client.
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    To avoid the employee needing to use tax credits.

    Jeremy appears to think its a problem. Was providing a solution to the problem for him.
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    My wife used to save her holiday up and have a few days off here and there for medical procedures or to have a rest.
    Her agency built up holiday so many part days per shift.
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  6. Suzanne Brown

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    If you need any help or advice let me know and I can give you a call. I know it can all be a bit scary and there's lots to think about but my advice is always have a good network in place of experts in their own field. You are running the business and that's more than enough to think about. Good luck for you and your business.
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    'Ave a word with yourself - 4 posts, each one self promoting.

    not the best way to approach a forum...
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    This should definitely be your first step. Try and sit and write down (or make a note over a week as you do things) exactly every task that you are undertaking. Exactly how many hours per week are spent on each activity and per day. Then define WHEN it needs doing - is it something can be done en masse or needs to be done daily?

    I would guess there is a chance that you are "flitting" between jobs that isn't productive, so spending an hour each day for 6 days a week making website updates - probably not very productive to stop and start and spend 6 hours a week on it - if you dedicated a block of time each week to that and nothing but that, could you get it done in 4 hours? I guess picking and packing orders needs to be done every single day but again are you doing them ad-hoc throughout the day, should it be that you down tools and close your phone lines at 4pm, and your last hour of every day is purely picking and packing ready for courier collection at 5pm?

    It's really easy to get so caught up in just getting everything done as and when it needs it during the day that you never step back and properly plan/analyse and improve your efficiency. Once you've done that you may find that (a) you don't need the extra help or (b) you can limit this to a few hours a week - e.g. example above could you pay someone just to do a morning every single week doing the 4 hours of website updates. Or someone for a couple of hours each week to do your purchasing, maybe someone who is happy to come in and do 2 hours packing and dispatch every afternoon.

    Hope this doesn't sound patronising! It's something I'm good at and quite passionate about which my business partners both love and hate me for, haha! But as an example I recently analysed everything we were doing in our shop and put in a whole new system of daily responsibilities (e.g. only one person responsible for doing our orders and they look at what we need every monday and order for the week - whereas before we ran out of something each day and went to the cash and carry or ASDA 7 or 8 times a week!), likewise a production plan so we know exactly what time we have available and what is being made each day and who should be working on that from the minute they step through the door.

    We went from my business partner (who runs the shop full time) working all hours, being extremely stressed, and two part time staff who were regularly doing between 30 and 40 hours a week each, to a less stressed business partner with more time at home, and the 2 staff doing 20 and 25 hours a week respectively.

    Hope this helps :)
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    Good post.
    Even small changes can have an impact, lots of small improvements in time and work management add up.

    We found packing went faster when could focus on similar items together. So say 12 of a particular size and similar item in 12 of the same size boxes were quicker than packing different stuff in different boxes and different envelopes.
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    In my limited experience the hardest part is finding the right person. If you interview people you will discover that no 2 are the same and each one will change your ideas about what could be done. It sounds like you need someone who can run accounting software, stocktake, pack orders, make tea, order new stock, deal with problems etc etc. Sounds like a nice varied job with no boredom.
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    You appear to have sat on your hands for most of the last eleven years and done little research on hiring staff and can only dream about the things that can go wrong

    Do your cash flow predictions show you can afford a new member of staff would be the first thing and secondly enough for one full time

    Forget going part time staff you need someone who can learn to understand the business and take a lot of the wait off of you, but with one reservation, you sound like you are online so maybe a part time accounts person for say 4 hours a day would clear a lot of your chores as well as the other full time 9-5 person

    With full time staff you still have the ability to remove them up to the first two years, but the flip side is you tend to get people who will last a long time and work better and more consensus for the company
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  12. serendipitybusiness

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    Okay if you don't want to go down the employment route just yet, this is what you do...

    Packing - use a fulfilment company, I wouldn't go with amazon FBA but get some recommendations on here. I am thinking of using UK postbox as they have been great for back end office tasks so far.

    Web dev - you don't need someone in the office for this you can hire freelancers to cover this for you easily at PPH. I know this sounds terrible but on a money site only use UK freelancers that have good reviews and answer your job positing with specific details, someone you can call and speak to. If they charge more that is fine they are worth it.

    This way you can hire on skill, writing descriptions, creating videos, updating the website technically and also image editing are very different skills and not normally found in the one person, just because we can do it all, doesn't mean others can.

    This means you are working with service providers not staff, they will have other clients, you will have to be flexible but you can get some good quality talent this way (you can also get nightmares so pick carefully and test them on test jobs). Expect to waste a lot of time just trying to build and train your team though. I am going through this pain right now so I understand the hesitation. However you can’t be losing sales while you are dealing the back end, that is nuts.
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