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    Hello everyone.

    I have signed up today to ask for some advice.

    This is probably not your typical question, but I have no idea of where else I could ask this type of question.

    I work from home as self employed. I do not currently earn enough money as my current job does not bring enough in, and I am looking to earn another £100 per week roughly. I am on such a low income currently that £100 per week would make a significant difference to me.

    The issue is that I am agoraphobic, so finding employment is extremely difficult due to this.

    I am hoping to be able to find work from home, as an employee, but finding such work is much easier said than done.

    I plan to email companies, with my CV attached, and explain my situation in regards to agoraphobia. My question is, am I wasting my time doing this? Do you, as business owners, think that I have a chance of being employed from home? If you received a job application from an agoraphobic person, would it go straight in the bin?

    Any advice at all welcome :)

    Thank you.
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  2. Newchodge

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    I am sorry, but very few companies will have the slightest interest in whether you are agoraphobic. Their only interest is whether you have skills to offer them that they need. An email saying I am an agoraphobic person, do you have any work for me? will go straight in the bin, not because of your condition but because you are asking them to do your work for you. Find out what a company needs and email about how you can ill that need.
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  3. The Byre

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    1. Most importantly - I would (were I in your shoes) be seeking out the underlying reasons for my agoraphobia so that over time, I can get out and meet people.

    2. What skills do you have?

    3. I would definitely not bin an application, but finding key skill sets will be vital. There are a thousand skills that people hardly even know exist that are required that are often or even usually done from home. Incidental music for film and TV. Model building for film, stage and architecture. Journalist, proof-reader and sub-editor. Translator. Programmer. Artist. Graphic designer. Film/TV editor. Electronics designer. CGI and 3D model builder. The ideas just keep on coming!

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  4. Socio South West

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    If you are applying for work, the last thing that an employer wants to discover is the negative bits up front.
    Have you tried sites like People per Hour where the ethos is for homeworking, and in all probability you will never meet the employer - and needn't disclose your agoraphobia. You concentrate on the skills you offer.
    The only downside is that you have to wade through piles of dross and failures to respond or follow up to get anything, so be prepared to invest some time.
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  5. Ziggrs

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    I also don’t see your health condition as a problem to get a job. Company only care about their business and who is able to execute business requirements for them. They will be happy to offer a job to somebody who can deliver, so focus on your strengths and way to contribute
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  6. Mr D

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    Could you do virtual PA work?
    Could you do stuff where location does not matter but you have the skills to make it work?

    Have to agree, your condition would not be relevant to most businesses - what you can do for them to either support the business or make them money is relevant.
    They could support you then by not requiring you to do what you cannot.

    Not everyone can work from home but some businesses do like the idea of not having to provide office space themselves for all their staff.

    Alternatively there is always setting up a business. Perhaps making or buying in to sell online for example - can get royal mail to collect from your address (its not free for very small businesses) and do virtually everything by email and post.
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  7. Martyn Thompson

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    Each company will be different in their answer... send some out and gauge their responses.
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  8. Owesdr

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    Martyn, you have very constructive business thinking. I actually like your idea very much, but they first need to figure out how much would such combination cost. Is it cheaper to lease another telephone line for some time or just print new set of leaflets?
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  9. Chris Ashdown

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    What are your skills, are you computer literate, interested in software, good at talking to people like selling, sewing, cooking etc, it will help if you can advise
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    Would be interested to know what happened next?
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