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Discussion in 'International Business' started by JamHot1, Nov 30, 2018.

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    I am travelling to china. It is my first visit. Any advice for me to keep myself safe while learn as much about shopping there?
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    So happy to reply you here, and i am so excited to answer this quesiton as a Chinese. Fristly, please forgive me my poor English.

    I think your first stop must be Beijing, right? of course it is very safe, but you also need to keep your personal items good in the crowded. I think theft would happend in every country.

    As for the shopping tips,
    firstly, some bargain is needed if not big stores.
    Go to "Liulihe" if you like traditional Chinese painting.
    Go to “xiushui” if you like Chinese silk, such as scarfs, QiPao
    More choices if you like Chinese food such as hotpot, rost duck, beijing snacks in huguosi store.

    Secondly, you can search some related topics on reddit or quora. you can also PM me for detail.

    Anyway, welcome to China~
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    Hi I really hope you enjoy China. On the whole it is a very safe country even late at night. However in crowded areas like any city there is a risk of pick pockets. In some cities there is a problem with bag snatching buy people on scooters - they tend to use sharp knives so don't argue with them its just not worth it. Many large cities like Guangzhou have put in place measures to stop this - they ban scooters from the city centre.
    Regarding shopping China is a very big place. Depending on what you are looking to buy there are some wonderful wholesale markets in most cities with vast arrays of wares to buy. The markets tend to be specific so there are tea markets, watch markets, bag markets etc. You will probably be best to get a taxi driver to take you there.
    Do your homework before you go and chose where you visit. For shopping Beijing is probably not the best place and commercial centres such as Guangzhou probably offer better opportunities for a business.
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    I suggest the most effective way to learn how to ship is to try as much as possible to talk with the China manufacturers. You can choose to go to Yi Wu, which is located in Zhejiang Province. It is a very popular and famous retail market in China. One of my foreign friends, he went to Yiwu to talk with the manufactures and received a big welcome from them. Anyway, going there is a good choice for you. As for the safety problem, you do not need to worry much as China is very safe.
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