Advertising expenditure for SMEs and Micro Businesses

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    Hello there,

    I am a Student from the University of Glasgow currently completing an MBA. My final project is based around advertising in large cities (London), identifying the shift of advertising on differing media platforms (magazines, newspapers, radio, billboards etc.) to the internet.

    I have researched the finances of a few corporate companies, which has enabled me to identify what their preferred media platform is for advertising. However, I would like to find out the primary media platforms which smaller businesses use to advertise their business/products.

    Would it be possible for anybody to enlighten me on:-
    What is your business called?
    What sector do you work in?
    What is your primary media platform used - internet, outdoor, tv, radio, flyers, word-of-mouth?
    What percentage of your monthly/yearly expenditure is used to advertise? (Approximately)
    How frequently do you advertise? (Consistently? Seasonal? Campaigns?)

    I have aimed to avoid being too intrusive as the information may appear to some contributors sensitive, however if you would still like to help, please message me on here. All help is extremely appreciated!
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