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    We are a online / manufacturing small company (turn over max 1m / year) and we need consultancy service for our accounts we keep on Xero.

    What we need is

    1- Some one will login to our Xero, check our entries weekly. Any wrong entry or mistake training us.
    2- Supporting us on Xero + Financial records giving advices.
    3- Checking our last 1 year records and analyse our profit / loss and giving advice.

    Is there any freelancers or companies out there does that job? Especially for number 3?
    Posted: Mar 7, 2018 By: turantekin Member since: Apr 28, 2013
  2. @aiteoconsulting

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    Most of the accountants on here would probably be able to offer some sort of help. Would you be able to provide a little more detail about your company - what is 'online/manufacturing'?
    Posted: Mar 8, 2018 By: @aiteoconsulting Member since: Sep 15, 2015
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    recruit a bookkeeper, who can maintain your books. They will be able to do all 3 and eliminate you having to do the bookkeeping work and the need for training on Xero.
    They will also be able to provide and discuss with you with a monthly P&L and balance sheet so you can understand your financials
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    If you would like help with managing your accounts in Xero, please message me directly. I’m a qualified accountant and a trained xero pro advisor.
    Would be happy to help.
    Posted: Mar 10, 2018 By: Daugela Member since: Jul 15, 2017