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Aug 8, 2018
Just wondering where, as an employee, I stand Regards an absence disciplinary, if my time off has been covered by using up my holiday allowance? Can the company still give me an official warning?


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Jul 3, 2018
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Mr D

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Feb 12, 2017
Unofficial holiday booking with the holiday time added on afterwards to avoid time without pay?

My wife's employer would (and has) had a disciplinary meeting over that. Didn't have anything come of it as they accept her reason and agree with it even.
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I think you are asking if you can mitigate being AWOL by saying to your employer 'take it out of my holiday allowance' - is that correct?

If I am right, then it's up to your employer. They usually have the right to discipline you for not showing up for work assuming you didn't phone in or contact them. You can offer to forfeit a day's holiday, and they may accept this (and thank you for the gesture), but it can't usually be used as a remedy for not showing up for work without a good reason.

As above, we probably need more info here, and you need to check your company's absence policy.
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