About to employ my first memebr of staff

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Feb 2, 2015
Not sure if this is in the correct forum so happy to move it if needed?

We are a small family business 3 partners 2 are starting to step back a bit and I am going to need some help, its mainly in our small shop, we do have other activities that they will not be involved in. It will be about 6-8 hours work on a Saturday and Sunday probably minimum wage depending on experience. They will probably be a student 16 - 20, due to my volunteer role I know a lot of people in this bracket.

Can anybody recommend a good source of information on employing some one for the first time?

We are currently changing the business, opening a small tea room on the same site within 6 months so will need more employees.

When I was younger I always worked cash in hand but this seems to be a big no no now.
Not open for further replies.

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