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Discussion in 'North West' started by AvangoCouriers, Feb 17, 2017.

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    I've introduced myself in the North West forum previously, but as I believe it's also here for networking as well I'm hoping there's nothing wrong with a quick re-introduction?

    I'm Stu, director of Avango Couriers. We're based in the little town of Tyldesley, one of the hardest places for anyone to remember how to spell (seriously, you should see some of the post we receive).

    We're just about to end our 3rd year in business - it's been the best one yet - and I'm hopeful that year 4 will continue to see us growing steadily, although having said that today sees the natural end of a contract we've been handling, so as from next Monday we'll have a LWB (long wheelbase) 3.5 tonne van available.

    I've posted an offer in the UKBF marketplace for anyone who is in need of transport services in this region, but if anyone has anything they'd like to discuss regarding delivery services, then I'm always happy to chat.

    Is there anyone else on here from the Tyldesley area, or near by?
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