78% of entrepreneurs tell Lord Sugar "you're fired"

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    New research by a leading UK-based accounting software company has revealed that 78% of business owners wouldn't accept a job with Lord Alan Sugar for a salary of £100k. The main reasons given for this by respondents were a general dislike of the prickly entrepreneur and a feeling that they'd earn more working for themselves.

    Leading accounting software company www.KashFlow.co.uk polled 2,511 business owners across the UK to find out whether they would ever consider working for Lord Alan Sugar, star of the hit BBC show ‘The Apprentice’, for a salary of £100k a year.

    78% of the people that took part said they would not work for Lord Sugar for £100k a year and, when asked to stipulate their reasons why, 54% said they preferred the lifestyle, freedom and independence of being their own boss, whilst 23% cited a general dislike for him.

    11% thought they could earn more money working for themselves, whilst 9% admitted they ‘couldn’t handle the pressure’ of working for Lord Alan Sugar.

    KashFlow further questioned the 22% of business owners that claimed they would like to work for the business tycoon, again to find out their reasons for this. 47% said they’d use the experience to ‘learn from him’, whilst 31% would do so ‘for the challenge’. 4% said the salary of £100k was the main selling point for them.

    When breaking down the research results further, KashFlow found that the percentage of people that would not like to work for Lord Alan Sugar did not drop for those currently earning less than that amount, or even when looking at those earning less than £40k per year.

    Of those that would accept a job with Lord Alan Sugar for £100k a year, 8% said it would be on the condition that they wouldn’t have to appear on TV.

    KashFlow Software Ltd was launched in 2006 by Duane Jackson, with investment from the Rt. Hon. Lord Young of Graffham.

    KashFlow and Duane have since gone on to win numerous awards and the product is now one of the leading Software as a Service solutions.

    Duane Jackson, founder of KashFlow, commented on the findings of the poll;

    “With the recent series of The Apprentice well underway, we thought it would be interesting to ask business owners whether or not they’d consider working for Lord Sugar, if it meant they could have a salary of £100k. We half expected those that currently earned significantly less than £100k to say that they would work for him for that amount, but rather surprisingly this really wasn’t the case.

    “Respondents seemed more focused on the pressure of working for him, or just the fact that they enjoyed the freedom and potential of working for themselves. Even those that said they would work for him had certain ‘conditions’; some said they could only do it for a year, whilst others were ready to accept his knowledge more than his money.”

    He concluded, “The contestants on The Apprentice are, typically, ‘self proclaimed entrepreneurs’, who are obviously quite keen to blow their own trumpet. In my opinion real entrepreneurs shouldn’t introduce themselves as such and, therefore, we were keen to see what a sample of business people thought about the show and, more importantly, Lord Sugar.”
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    I would be part of the 22%.

    Forget the loss of income for a year, I would learn more in 12 months working with Lord Sugar than trying to do it myself and making silly mistakes for the next 10 years.


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    Agreed the money is not the real value of the job opportunity, the amount that can be learned vastly out ways the negative sides imo
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    I doubt you would get much experience working alongside him at all. He places the winners onto projects working alongside other employee's.

    Its far better to work for yourself. I dont take orders well when instructed in an off hand manor so sugar would grate on me.
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    I agree with Massey. I fail at being an employee because I pick holes in business plans and I get agitated if I have someone watching over me all the time.

    I learn on my own, I'll make mistakes but if you don't make mistakes how do you learn?

    Sugar has redesigned his brand. From selling off Amstrad to becoming a tv celeb and 'tough boss'

    The only Apprentice that I thought was worthwhile was Tim Campbell (or whatever his name was) who set up the London based organisation for future entrepreneurs.
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    Lets go back to basics guys. The Apprentice is showbiz and the most successful team on the show are the producer and director who while they may have set out looking for genuine candidates for a light heated business programme soon learned that the show had great entertainment value outside the business community.

    A change of direction was called for then. Instead of looking for serious candidates with at least a few grey sells when it comes to business acumen they set out to find the biggest plonker's on the planet and they have become experts at. One of the best example I have seen to date is the one fired this week. Little Miss Cohen with the big - big mouth.

    God lets face it was she an ugly brut to start with and if someone had smacked her in the face it would have been an improvement. Not PC I know but a black bin bag over her face as she was about to open her mouth would surely have been seen as a kindness to BBC licence payers if not the whole of humanity.

    It might even have done her some good. Stick a dozen or so retail prices from a bakery on a board and blindfolded with a pin she might have come up with less that £2 for a bread roll wholesale. What would that have taken 20 seconds. Instead the hapless creature spent 20 min's with a calculator that every schoolchild knows how to use and still didn't get it right - pissssing the MD of a large company off in the process.

    Jesus - Joseph and Mary. Anyone else would have hung their head in shame but what happens. This week she wants to be team leader again. Yea right. Actually I think the team did her a favour by letting her tag along. Me I would have stuck that bin liner over her face and locked her in the broom cupboard. Thank gawd she has gone.

    I reckon however that is going to lead to some interesting results over the next few weeks because of the 3 leading contenders 2 are extremely attractive women and with brains.

    Stella the blonde for instance who was project manager is not only smart she is not afraid to lay down the law when it comes to taking control while at the same time not losing her feminine charms. In fact she is a perfect example of how to use charm to crack the ice and a few nuts- if you know what I mean.

    Then of course there is Liz Locke. Film star name and film star looks who shone thru this week by going that extra mile to get that big order. Not by being balshy as the hapless MsCohen would have come across but by taking advantage of her personality and being instantly likeable to the buying panel. That gave her the edge and the opportuninty to close.

    Why is all this interesting. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Karren - Alan's new sidekick has started to think that there might be a bit of competition there.

    Have you noticed how high she has hitched her skirt in the last 2 shows since blonde Stella got a lot of praise as team leader. Blimey she is all legs now. This week Liz shone out with that big contract and next week the show is about fashion, No 1 interest on her CV.

    I guess we will have to wait and see. That Liz certainly looked stunning in one dress and I'll would be a pound to a penny the most attractive Vice Chair of a football club in the world Karren would love to be in there trying on the frocks.
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    Nice one Duane, the old poll as PR trick ;-)
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    ol'e' eye I couldnt have said it better, Ive only seen these two episodes of this series and couldnt agree more, in fact I was going to write the very same observations.The battle of the hemline will continue.I wish Margaret was back though, I miss her.
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    I personally think the show is an embarrassing farce and the children's version of the show proved that as the kids actually got better results than adults in any show in the entire series. Which goes to show the producers are clearly NOT selecting the cream of the crop in terms of applicants, merely the ones who are perhaps the most photogenic which is why the '8's shall we say tend to be fired before the '10's. For this reason after seeing the line up I predict Stella will win. Alan likes his blondes.
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    Is this a tarts eye view of the world.?:p

    So can you give us a few tips on East Enders.?;)

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    I think that if I was in the middle of running a successful business I wouldn't accept a 100k job with Sir Alan. But, if I had just sold a business, or was out of a job I would definately accept it, and then move on after a couple of years to do my own thing.

    You'd learn so much under a company like that.
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    Agree with Oliver. £100K after tax and N.I is worth what £60K. For that he of she that wins will be expected to work about 60 hours a week under exterme pressure. They will have to rent a smart flat in London. That will cost about £18K a year. They will beed to maintain a smart dress code. With grooming especially for a woman yet another say £7K.

    A meal out for 2 at a trendy restaraunt once a week another £5K. That leaves about £30K. The eqivilent of about £10 an hour. Nice lifestyle at an enormous cost in terms of pressure but as for being one of the top jobs in the country - lets face it - your average book-keeper working form home in the suburbs can be just as well off.

    An self-emplored electrician - gas fitter or plumber can be even better off. The bottom line as far as I would be concerned is not for me Alan old chum.

    Actually I have said that to his face before a long time ago. In the early 1970s I think when he offered me the job of UK sales manager. Me - can you believe it who was really into hi-fi at that time and just bought my first Bang & Olsen and here is this guy wanting me to sell his cheap crap Amstrad units that I knew no self-respecting hi-fi dealer would stock.

    Not a good career move and it was only a chance meeting at a charity function with C.E.O of Wollies who agreed to stock his cheap units which saved Alans bacon or should I say smoked salmon. All credit to him then because when push comes to shove the old boy ain't afarid to mix it out them himself.

    UGift. I make you right - as mentioned earlier I too think Stella will win and your also right in that Alan does like his blondes but make no mistake - in the same wayas he loves football. He ain't no sugar daddy. He has been happily married for what -must be some 40 years now. If Stella wins then it because she merits it.

    Earl. Don't watch Corrie. No TV only BBC iplayer now and then but I can predict that both Corrie and Eastenders will soon have their very own Al Quieda cell on the plot and there will be some sort of big explosion next time they want to kill some-one off.

    Now ,must be off. Got a survey to conduct albeit just one question.

    Now he has put his East End boot in is Duane looking to be the next presenter of the Apprentice outing Alan Sugar.:rolleyes:

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    Really awesome this information.. now a days i am always use this information for my project... so thanks for this help...
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