70% of small businesses too busy to update blogs

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    More than 70% of small businesses say they don’t have time to keep their blogs up to date. A survey of 125 small business owners published today by web content company Write My Site shows that 62% of respondents set up a blog in the hope that it would increase traffic to their websites. Nevertheless, only 29% are managing to populate them between one and three times each month, with the remaining 71% admitting that their blogs have fallen by the wayside.

    Emily Hill, Write My Site’s MD, says: “Our blog customers call us for two reasons. One: they don’t know what to write. Two: they don’t have time to write anything. More often than not it’s the latter, so we take it off their hands and keep their blogs updated with regular, keyword-threaded content. When a blog hasn’t been updated for several weeks or months it looks unprofessional – people tend to be relieved to learn they can offload the time-consuming task of keeping their blog up-to-date.”

    If blogs are such a hassle to maintain, why bother having them at all? In a word: traffic. Google and the other search engines pay great attention to sites that regularly add original – and relevant - content. Digital marketing industry body Econsultancy has used its own blog to urge small businesses to take advantage of this simple SEO strategy: “We are big believers in quality content. Original content. Google loves it too. And so do many SEO experts – the general advice these days is to create subject-specific content on your website, and to categorise and label that content in a way that will deliver a boost to your keyword strategy. Blogs are good for this.”

    Hill supports this view: “We have seen for ourselves the benefits of a well-written blog: our own traffic has increased by more than 200% since we bolted a blog onto our website,” she said. “Better still, the traffic is completely targeted: all of our increased hits and enquiries are from people who have found Write My Site by running searches on our keywords.”

    Editors’ notes

    1) The survey focuses predominantly on micro-businesses. 42% of respondents were sole practicioners; and a further 43% worked within organisations with 1-5 employees with the remaining 15% working for larger organisations.

    2) Respondents from a variety of industries and sectors were interviewed for the survey, including people working in professional services, consumer goods, financial services, healthcare and technology.

    3) Full survey results are available on request.

    4) Write My Site has been established for three years as a specialist web content company. The company specialises in providing regular blogging services to small businesses. Details of these services can be found here:

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    Good press release Emily - Minky was impressed too ;)
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    Very interesting

    It's always useful to keep an eye on the competition. ;)
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    Great, but also needed are the following. Joining Newgroups, posting questions and answers in Forums, joining social networking groups, promoting on Youtube and still updating your webpages and sitemaps (There are 8 you should have) every week.

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    great read....
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    There are 24 hours in a day - use them to do the things that others can't do for you...

    I have also used squidoo and I think it's really good, but if the content is rubbish then it's pointless!
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    Thanks for posting. ;)
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