59 UKBF visitors had £75 each deposited free into their Capital on Tap Business Credit Card account

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    Update 9th Sept 2019 - Capital on Tap tell me that 59 UKBF Members/Visitors have now taken advantage of this offer - that's over £4,400 given for free to people that I don't even know. Hope you enjoyed your £75 each!

    I used to use my own credit card account and then reclaim expenses from my business, but wanted something where the actual account and statements etc were in the name of the business. So, I switched to Capital On Tap about 12 months ago. It was an easy sign-up process - took about a minute if I remember correctly :)

    I like the fact that I can log in any day to see the activity on the card, and my book-keeper gets the statement once a month.

    Don't just take my word for it - look at their 5,575 reviews on Trustpilot - where they're rated as Excellent!

    Now they've sent me an offer to invite friends/associates to take a card. Once you spend any amount on your card - they'll deposit £75 in your account for free. You can then spend this as you like.

    1. Visit their website at capitalontap.com

    2. Enter the referral code, 1REFH548F25, in the promo code box.

    Please note that they won't pay you the £75 if you don't put the referral code in at the time you apply!

    Benefits are pretty standard, but here they are:
    • Credit limits up to £50k
    • Up to 56 days interest free on card spend
    • Interest rates as low as 9.9% APR
    • Applying has no effect on your credit history
    • No fees - no joining fee, no monthly fee
    • Free FX - true Mastercard rates


    Enter the referral code, 1REFH548F25, in the promo code box. No referral code no £75!
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