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    Hi Amazon sellers,

    I'm doing some customer research for Nitro, our human translation platform with 50+ languages.

    If you have your listings translated into other languages, I would like to offer you a $50 voucher (worth about 40 GBP) for some free translations — in exchange for your answers about how you get your Amz texts translated, what is important for you in the translation process (speed, quality, ease etc.), and whether you find our translation service to be a good fit for your future translations.

    If you have a need for translating listings, I believe this $50 voucher should come in handy :)

    In case you doubt and want to know more about the advantages of this service:
    • Only native speakers handle the translations on Nitro
    • Fast turnaround time: over 50% of orders are completed within 2 hours, 98% take less than 24 hours
    • No minimum order: you can translate as little as one word
    And finally, Nitro has a very simple and user-friendly interface.
    Please, contact me if you would like to give it a go.

    30 sec video of how it works:
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