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    Hello, I am looking for a 3PL business for warehousing and order fulfilment.
    My business didn't start trading yet, so I can't answer how many orders per month there will be. I can estimate that from the second month there will be over 200 orders per month.
    Also, the products are glass bottles, 500ml, and I need eco-packaging (not bubble wrap).
    Which business would the most suitable for me?
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    I can help. We deal with daily orders of alcohol and cosmetics.

    I get asked daily about eco-friendly packaging options and although everything is available to tick the right boxes they come at a huge cost difference. For example rolls of tape are roughly 30p, for the eco friendly versions you could add £1 per roll. This multiplier could be added to kost things including jiffy bags. The eco friendly version is three times the cost of the regular ones.

    I have found a good compromise with starch based loose fill and paper packing to keep your credentials in tact.

    Happy to help further where I can.
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