37% Off Bulk SEO Package (3 Offers)

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    I work in IT and in areas like website traffic, geo targetted traffic, backlinks and SEO.

    From time to time we get discounts from networks and colleagues we work with.

    We pass these on to our clients.

    At present we have an offer which is available until 2018.

    There are 3 different packages on offer depending on your budget but we reccommend the Platinum Package as you save alot more moeny and get more for your buck.

    For full list of what you get please download this:

    We provide a well proven 3 Tier Pyramid method for SEO, where you get the best links and propoerties in 3 one (like Web 2.0), supported by a wider range of links in Tier 2 followed by Blog Comments in Tier 3.

    We also provide Social Signals at no extra cost and if you go for the Platinum package you will also get a Press Release included (optional if you need it).

    What you are paying for is an all in one package for SEO to increase your website ranking and page rank. All we need is your website URL and keywords. After the work is completed we will send you a full report via email. You can check the SERP of you wesbite yourself after we do the work and you will see an improvement within 3 months. It all depends on your website and competitiveness of your keywords. You can buy this offer for multiple websites but only once per month per URL. TAT is maximum 14 days. Payment can be made using Paypal.
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