2011-12 is it possible to fight claim of underpaid tax

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    If you have shown you have provided all the correct Information yet HMRC failed to apply the correct codes and let a £3600 underpayment build up do you have any recourse.

    I again have underpaid tax because the tax office have not been sending change of coding to my employee's,back in Sept 2011 they said they sent a new coding to my employers (I'm contract employed by Kelly's)I started my new job in August of that year, I also draw a pension from 2 other sources which they know about,they say I have underpaid by approx £3600,this is about the 3rd time they have messed up my tax and I'm getting totally pissed off despite me providing the correct Info,they said the had sent a change of coding in Sept 2011 but when I got kelly's head office to check they gave me a list of notifications sent to them (see below).This is money that I don't have and will probably have to pay back monthly.Also I have worked out that even if they had applied what they thought was the correct code ie BR they would have only clawed back £600-700 so even that tax code was Incorrect.

    Tax Year 2011/12
    July 2011 BR (not tax form received)
    Aug 2011 P45 received with tax code 743L and previous pay and tax
    Nothing new received for that year from the HMRC. All forms were paper based at this time and anything received was applied in time for the next payroll run – we did not receive anything electronically until April 2012. The HMRC sometimes say they sent things electronically but we did not have that service set up. They used to issue paper copies.

    Tax Year 2012/13
    April 2012 P9 received from the HMRC for the new year 388L
    Sept 2012 P6 received from the HMRC for 397L
    Oct 2012 P6 received from the HMRC for K461L week 1
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