2 mals ecommerce with the same paypal?

Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by Sobie, Jul 27, 2015.

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  1. Sobie

    Sobie UKBF Regular Free Member

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    Hi All,

    I want to start a new website, that offers different products to my main business.

    We currently have mals cart on the main website as we have multiple delivery areas.

    The new website will have different delivery areas to the main website, so I want to know if I can have 2 different mals carts with the same paypal address, but different email accounts, or do I have to set up a new paypal account.

    Thanks in advance.
    Posted: Jul 27, 2015 By: Sobie Member since: Jul 27, 2008
  2. Al B

    Al B UKBF Contributor Free Member

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    So long as Mals doesn't need you to specify the "IPN URL" in your PayPal account this should be fine. You should be able to hook up your PayPal account to as many stores as you want. Hopefully posts the IPN URL to PayPal with every transaction instead of asking you to fix this setting as you can only have one PayPal IPN URL in your PayPal settings.
    Posted: Jul 27, 2015 By: Al B Member since: Mar 3, 2015
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