16 hr contract - working overtime and holidays

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Mar 12, 2013
I own a salon and at the moment have one apprentice and one normal employee.
Apprentice contracted to min 16 hrs pr wk.
works on average 25 to 30 hrs per wk over 4 days and is also paid 5 hrs for attending college on a separate day. This I was told by college I had to pay ?
The apprenticeship rules are a minimum of 16 hrs have to be worked and a maximum of 40. Rate of pay is £2.65 but I have raised her to £3 per hr. she s aged 18. This is 1st yr of apprenticeship.

The other employee contracted to min 16 hours pr wk.
Works on average 20 to 25 hrs over 3 days. Aged 18 and on £4.98 pr hr.

I was advised that holidays are worked out on the contracted hours.
Ie 16hrs divided by 4 days worked = 4 hrs pay per holiday for the apprentice
Ie 16hrs divided by 3 days worked = 5.33 hrs per holiday
I set the holidays at 24 days per year which was apparently the 22.4 days per yr plus the one in leu for Good Friday that we always work. We are closed Mondays so never work bank holiday Mondays.

Can anyone tell me if I am right or wrong in what I'm doing ?


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Nov 8, 2012
The legal minimum holiday is 5.6 weeks, calculated on the basis of the last 12 weeks average wekly pay.

So if normal is 20 hours per week, then holiday entitlement is 20 x 5.6 = 112 hours. Tis ignores all bank holidays.
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