15th Year trading celebrations

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    Hi All,

    My garden centre is 15years old in June. I'm planning a 'fun day' to celebrate.

    So far we have:
    Food & Drink stalls (we don't have a cafe at our garden centre - shocking!)
    Kiddies game stalls (hook a duck - throw hoops etc)
    Mobility scooter racing (we have a mobility centre on site)
    Local 'in bloom' group having planter competition
    music from local steel band

    My other ideas include:
    Plant auction
    Box of gardening goods for £15
    15% off all day for club members
    Spinning wheel - the wheel is split into 15 different discount sections. wheel is spun every 30 minutes to see what the discount will be.

    I've also looked into having local gardening celebrity come to the event for book signing and talk - but was more than my entire event budget!

    I've invited local press and local BBC radio station.

    I've got permission from local council to hang advertising banners around the town 2 weeks before the event.

    Is there anything else I could add to the event? Or any good ideas on what to offer customers that visit the event?

    Thanks In Advance,
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