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    As it says, if you need a virtual PA, you can hire me and, having seen this post on UKBF, you'll get a 15% discount off your invoice (for services directly supplied by me).

    My clients are often "time poor" - but what does that actually mean?

    * You might feel, because you're getting all your work completed, this doesn't apply to you - but if you find yourself working evenings and weekends then you are "time poor".

    * Another type of client wants to free up a few hours in the week so they can concentrate on a specific part of their business. Often this is promotion, to help win new business (and who doesn't want to win more business?).

    * Some clients hire me because they want a very specific service (e.g. fact-finding, research, event organisation) and they simply wouldn't know where to start.

    * Or maybe, it's someone who just realises the most valuable commodity they have is time and they don't want to "waste" any of it.

    So, if any (or all!) of the above describes you, then you are time poor and you should really ask for my help. Just "ask and it is done".

    I can provide a wide-range of services to help you become more efficient and utilise your time in the best way possible. So, give me a call (01273 409410) or email [email protected] and let me know what you need. I can almost certainly provide it (or point you in the right direction).
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