1/4 parcels going missing from hermes. Can I take them to small claims?

Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by mit74, Dec 8, 2020.

  1. mit74

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    Just recently 1/4 parcels are going missing when using a 3rd party parcel hub which uses Hermes. These are large parcels so it's not like they're getting left in the van or something. This is a disasterous ratio for my business and effects my reputation dramatically. As I used a 3rd party hub I'm only entitled to £20 claim even though value is over £100-150. Can I take either Hermes or the 3rd party parcel hub to small claims as this is ridiculous amount to go missing?
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  2. Frank the Insurance guy

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    Depends on whether you agreed full cover with the carrier for the goods - if you did not, the default legal position is "RHA Terms" which is purely £x per Kilo - so ok if you have something heavy of little value, but not so good if you have something small/light of great value.

    I'm pretty sure small claims court will follow the RHA terms unless you agreed something more and have this in writing.

    Would suggest you consider looking at getting your own insurance for lost/damaged shipments in future - although may not be cost effective for small value shipments as some insures will apply an excess of £100 anyway, so you will only be paid for anything over this.
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  3. mit74

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    conditions of carriage are £20 claim for missing goods I believe. The value of goods is over £100 but the profit is very low hence no insurance but it's just that 1/4 parcels going missing is just criminal.
    Unrelated I just recently got posted a chromebook with DPD who picked up the parcel at 10am and at 12.30pm got a message to say it had been delayed by 24hours. It never turned up and got a refund but all very suspicious.
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    All couriers have issues, however i believe you pay for what you get with quality of service.

    When i've had an issue with a Hermes delivery no telephone number was available to call so was directed to an online chat on their website which took over an hour to then be disconnected with the issue unresolved so didnt use them again.

    Personally i use UPS and although parcels do get misrouted / delayed every now and then, in the last 5 years only 2 have gone missing (drivers are employed by UPS directly rather than self employed which i believe makes a difference).
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    As far as I'm aware Couriers and Carriers are unregulated, so you have no OffCarrier to complain to. I may be wrong.

    Yes it is very negligent for Hermes to loose so much - they have been loosing stuff for years and seem still to have no controls to stop items going missing. But you agreed to their terms and so that is that - £20, unless you can really demonstrate they are actually criminal.

    By the way, from my experience, and why I don't use them any more, getting your £20 back is also a battle and I only got mine after they exceeded their 90 days resolution and sent them a letter before action to gee them along.
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  6. Mr D

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    So the 3rd party hub loses a quarter?
    Or Hermes loses a quarter?

    Who would your claim be against?
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  7. Paul Norman

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    The answer is that although it seems so utterly outrageous, you are better off changing your supplier.

    If you send through Hermes your reputation is already being dented, loosing the parcels is simply cementing that.

    It is hardly a national secret that Hermes are not the best in their field. You can claim whatever your contract with the hub says, which will not be much, and you can change supplier very quickly.

    I know. Your hub are cheap. I think you now have learned the expensive way why.
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  8. Alan

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    When I got out of e-commerce I sold of much of my stock of course at firesale prices.

    One buyer bought what ended up as 4 consignments, each with a sale value of some £150 full retail of about £400.

    He insisted on it being send by Hermes as cheap as possible and not to pay additional insurance. I made it a condition of sale (B2B) that he took delivery risk.

    Sure enough 3 parcels, no issues, 4th went missing.

    I had a chat with our local Hermes courier who is s decent chap and asked him how come they loose so much. He said that there are no controls in the depot, couriers are in and out and some pick packages they think might be valuable and tuck them away and come back later, take them and sell the contents on e-bay. OK so that is one persons' telling me and technically heresay, but without tight management and security controls, and a primarily self employed work force the probability of items getting 'lifted' is high.
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    Post office typed a digit wrong into the computer, so despite the label, RM delivered to a house number and postcode - a few miles away. Their rule is they deliver to the postcode, not the label address, so my claim was repeatedly rejected by them and the 3rd party arbitrator. So far this week, RM have had a next day before 1 showing waiting delivery for 6 days, and UPS have got another just sitting in a depot for 4 days on a 48. I think they are all struggling badly.
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  10. Justin Smith

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    We regularly book deliveries with Hermes (to places like N Ireland and the Scottish Highlands) via ParcelsToGo. Sometimes the orders don't get picked up or the orders take longer than expected to be delivered, but it's rare for the items to go missing.
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  11. Jass T

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    Always good to have a happy ending
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