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    for WordPress and Zen Cart

    We offer both traditional VPS systems and Elastic Sites for hosting of resource intensive, critical websites. Your choice:



    To view details of plans, go to https://www.terranetwork.net/elastic-sites-hosting/

    All Elastic Sites include as standard:

    ▶ Guaranteed CPU Processors & GB RAM Memory per site
    ▶ SSD drives
    ▶ Free SSL Certificates (HTTPS protection)
    ▶ FREE migration of all your site(s)
    ▶ Offsite backups every 6 hours, RAID10, Firewall
    ▶ Softaculous 1 click installer
    ▶ Spam Experts filter

    Choose Elastic Sites if
    you need only 1 cPanel account
    • page load speed is a priority for you
    • your website is critical to your business
    • you have a resource intensive website
    • require secure PCI-DSS hosting

    Elastic Site 3
    ▶ 30GB SSD disk space
    ▶ 3 CPU Processor
    ▶ 6 GB RAM Memory
    ▶ 400GB premium bandwidth
    £29.99 /month +vat

    Elastic Site 4
    ▶ 50GB SSD disk space
    ▶ 4 CPU Processor
    ▶ 8 GB RAM Memory
    ▶ 600GB premium bandwidth
    £49.99 /month +vat

    Elastic Site 5
    ▶ 70GB SSD disk space
    ▶ 5 CPU Processor
    ▶ 10 GB RAM Memory
    ▶ 800GB premium bandwidth
    £69.99 /month +vat

    or go for a traditional VPS, fully pro-actively managed by us:


    To view details of plans, go to https://www.terranetwork.net/managed-cloud-vps/

    VPS 2
    ▶ 25GB SSD disk space
    ▶ 2 CPU Processor
    ▶ 2 GB RAM Memory
    ▶ 250GB premium bandwidth
    ▶ Fully pro-actively managed
    £119 /month +vat

    VPS 3
    ▶ 35GB SSD disk space
    ▶ 2 CPU Processor
    ▶ 3 GB RAM Memory
    ▶ 350GB premium bandwidth
    ▶ Fully pro-actively managed
    £149 /month +vat

    VPS 4
    ▶ 45GB SSD disk space
    ▶ 3 CPU Processor
    ▶ 4 GB RAM Memory
    ▶ 450GB premium bandwidth
    ▶ Fully pro-actively managed
    £179 /month +vat

    About TerraNetwork:
    - Established in 2005
    - eCommerce specialist (Zen Cart, Woocommerce)
    - UK location, find all our details at https://www.terranetwork.net/about-terranetwork/

    Our Team:
    Sean & Nishanth: Technical Hosting Support
    Edith: WordPress & Zen Cart Development (including ZC to WP migrations)
    and we have a backend team of server admins who keep our servers working 24/7/365!

    Reviews from our clients,
    (posted on TrustPilot and HostAdvice)

    "Always quick to sort out problems. The best in town".
    "Migration for free"
    "Excellent, reliable hosting with superb support"
    "Highly Recommended"
    "Excellent facility"
    "The Whole Package and more is what you get from Terranetwork. It feels like being part of a large family."
    "Excellent Customer Support"
    "One of the best hosting service - hardware resources, communication, support - 100% reliable"
    "A* Customer service and reliable, good performance hosting"
    "Exceptional Hosting Company"
    "Excellent support - superb hosting"
    "Fast, Friendly and Efficient"
    "Exceptional hosting - speedy, reliable web servers & great support"
    "massively refreshing hosting company to work with"

    Get in Touch!
    Tel: UK 01603 784 596
    Email: [email protected]
    Live Chat: https://www.terranetwork.net

    Edith, Sean & Nishanth are looking forward to answer any queries you may have!
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