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    Hi all,

    My team and I have had experience in building Accounting software for "big players" as a white-label company (the customer keeps the IP). At one stage, we have decided to invest and create our own Software in the payroll industry. Now we have a fully automated payroll suite ready to be customized for any business process (Accountancy, Payroll outsource, Umbrella companies, Sole Trader software, etc.).

    My problem is that we have no capacity to make it as SaaS and sell it as per payslip or monthly (like others). At the moment we are able to sell a lifetime licence to use this software, but small accounting agencies are not ready to buy it (in terms of price).

    So, what concerns me is that will this be a business model that I should continue and do another research OR should I change my approach completely?

    It would be great to hear your thoughts. And if this is something you would like to have a look at, please drop me a line, I can give all the details.

    Thanks a lot,
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