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  1. sirearl

    Is it just me that thinks holiday pay is unfair?

    It’s a shame that logic is driven by greed.
  2. sirearl

    The "If I was a billionaire" thread.

    Giving it away would give me a lot of satisfaction.
  3. sirearl

    UK to follow EU speed control measures after Brexit

    Bikes are death traps on the roads today. 2 wheels and 4 do not mix. I started riding bikes in 1957,anyone who thinks they are safe on the back of a bike is living in cloud cuckoo land...
  4. sirearl

    UK to follow EU speed control measures after Brexit

    More from the looney bin. How about building cars that one can see out of have decent sized windows ,indicators large enough to be seen,headlights that don’t blind oncoming traffic. Stop making cars full of distracting toys.etc. 70mph is the highest speed limit in the U.K.,so why are they...
  5. sirearl

    National Living Wage - issues

    Appealing to reason over greed has never worked. No one can live a decent life style on 10 pounds an hour in a large city.
  6. sirearl

    What is race

    That’s not a race it’s voluntary euthanasia.
  7. sirearl

    What is race

    Not many pubs in Kenya. Hence.
  8. sirearl

    What is race

    Spot on having only legs for transport tends to make people run a lot.
  9. sirearl

    Innovation crisis in the West

    I suspect everything may have been invented many years ago. All I seem to see these days is developments of existing ideas?
  10. sirearl


    The single largest cause of inequality is inheritance.
  11. sirearl

    TV Signal Problems

    Got the first word but not the second? Goody two shoes the bane of life.;)
  12. sirearl

    Employee asking for time off due to bereavement

    Are you serious? Being able to gauge the effect of a family death is a new one on me.
  13. sirearl


    Are you sure,what about their brains! If capitalism had its way many of us would have been dead by now.
  14. sirearl

    Am I right to be upset at this breach of privacy?

    They would have to be.
  15. sirearl

    Could you lose £200 per month?

    Humans have one great addiction that will destroy themselves. Politics can,t beat that.
  16. sirearl

    Could you lose £200 per month?

    I thought MP,s had to be born on Earth.? I suspect she thinks she is still presenting BBC children’s programs.
  17. sirearl

    Getting fed up paying loads of tax

    LOL that would be about 70% of the working population,maybe a tad more.;)
  18. sirearl

    How do you usually watch movies at home?

    Horizontal with tea.
  19. sirearl

    Long Term Members

    Blimey I had been working a couple of years when you were sitting your 11+.
  20. sirearl

    Long Term Members

    Not true my wife told me years ago.
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