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  1. sirearl

    Proof of the stupidity of the great British public.

    so let me see ,we are all in it together and we should all tighten our belts. I give up.
  2. sirearl

    There are liars,conmen,lawyers and then there are politicians.

    Amber Rudd told Parliament she did not have sex with Teresa May,but most think she was fueked by Teresa.
  3. sirearl

    The world is run by hysterical children.

    Russia is blamed for the chemical attack without any concrete evidence. 17 countries have made or are capable of making the same chemical. The EU expels diplomats,Russia is likely to do the same. Hence the world may end with this tiny incident. Yemen is being devastated. By British aircraft...
  4. sirearl

    So you love bright lights,no one else does

    Modern man is a moron.
  5. sirearl

    Threat to kill May.

    Police have issued 65 million arrest warrants.:rolleyes:
  6. sirearl


    WTF this idea has been proposed since I STARTED DRIVING IN THE 50's.:eek:
  7. sirearl

    So you think your car is safe because it has a 5 star ENCAP rating-THINK AGAIN!

    If you get rear ended in the current crop of small cars ,anyone sitting in the rear is in serious trouble. Why no rear end crash test from ENCAP.:eek:
  8. sirearl

    Diesel pollution charges

    So why not do what the German Goverment did a few years back give grants to owners of vehicles not fitted with catalytic converters to have them retro fitted. I am of course talking about retro fitting DPF filters to older diesels that have none. A DPF filter can remove up to 95% of the...
  9. sirearl

    Discrimination against the young

    Outrageous in my opinion. The new law should apply to anyone using a mobile phone hands free or not as it effects concentration by 50%.
  10. sirearl

    Why Britain can never really leave the EU.

    Seems most are looking at the wrong problems in Britain.
  11. sirearl

    Britain the land of the sinking sun.

    What on earth are our idiots doing now giving money to companies that avoid paying UK tax.
  12. sirearl

    Trident .

    So how on earth does the UK government think this will be a deterent to Isis.? I have little doubt that if they obtain nukes they will use them no matter what. So how the heck is this 40 plus billion project going to defend the UK from anything.?:confused::confused:
  13. sirearl

    The great rail failure

    Since privatisation It seems the rail service has deteriorated unbelievably. Trains times are slower than in the 1930 inspite of the use of steam powered engines and cancellations were hardly ever heard of then. Fares are throught the roof ,so what gives...
  14. sirearl

    Britains biggest benefit go to.....?

    So any excuses?:)
  15. sirearl

    You gotta be rich to be mean.

    Simon ( net worth 550 million dollars) gave the security gaurd 1,000 quid for recovering his jewellery worth 100's of K}. To put it in perspective I offered 500 quid for the return of my lost cat.
  16. sirearl

    Should the UK bomb Syria?

    Yes or no and reason why or why not.?
  17. sirearl

    Time cost money

    Big Ben needs a bit of repair "There are major concerns that if this is not carried out...the clock mechanism is at risk of failure with the huge risk of international reputational damage for Parliament.:eek: So does pomp and ceremony. Full story...
  18. sirearl

    so why are people so scared of Corbyn

    Strange hysteria going on.:confused:
  19. sirearl

    Britain owes India big time.

    So what do ya think.
  20. sirearl

    Boris and his water pistols

    In spite of the home secretary stating that water cannons can not be used in mainland UK the buffoon buys 3 water canoon for hundreds of thousand none of which work. I suspect Boris best moment was hanging from a wire,closer to his natural habitat.:eek:
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