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  1. C

    Payment Sense Bad Experience

    Depending if CCA74 applies - ask the question of Payment Sense before you act. As I said, some contracts are structured to circumvent it - eg Handepay's. But ask the question of them (and get anything you rely on in writing!!!).
  2. A

    Payment Terminal - so confusing! Help Please!?

    heard good things about Handepay !!! really - google handepay complaints - its an eyeopener, along with their sister company Merchant rentals - stick well clear of them or read the small print in their nasty contracts with a tooth comb and remember you are not covered by any legal protection in...
  3. A

    Handepay Relentless Pressure

    handepay - merchant rentals have been at this for years, stick well clear of them, they havent changed and wont ever give you a £1000 if you can find someone cheaper, they will lie cheat and pass the buck to each other, even though they are in the same building and have the same owners. Business...
  4. W

    Handepay Relentless Pressure

    ...I would not have signed it. When he came by the next day I told Mr Martin the salesman that I don't want the contract and he said to contact Handepay. (He then rushed out the door.) - So I wrote to My Fiona Lyons who unsurprisingly believed her sales staff's as opposed to my word. She advised...
  5. IronBob

    Taking Payment

    ...orders and will be selling a small product range. I guess I need to find a cash register w/ draw and receipt printer. Can something like Handepay/izettle/sumup then be run over 3g and connected to the receipt printer of my cash register setup? Cash Register/draw/printer £150 Card reader...
  6. CustomLED

    How do I get a card payment processor - Already have the terminal

    ...about £200 (£280 to buy or £20pm rent for minimum of 2 years). Now you cant seem to buy, only rent. I have since switched to renting with HandePay with the processing done through Evo Payments. The reason was Elavon were charging a lot of hidden fees, and their percentage rates were high...
  7. Mike W

    Payment Terminal - so confusing! Help Please!?

    I don't know much but have heard very good things about Handepay. The little I have heard makes them certainly better than PaymentSense.
  8. mhall

    Best payment card processor

    Be careful with handepay, quite often there are two contracts, one for the processing and a much longer one for the machine rental.
  9. T

    Best payment card processor

    It would be interesting to know what rates you got with handepay.
  10. P

    Best payment card processor

    Went with handepay. Got even better rates than those and 24 month contract.. not too fussed about length if contract the as there's that many that offer to buy out if ubhaooy but at the rates I've got I'm very very happy
  11. P

    Best payment card processor

    ...year through terminal. 80 to 85 percent debit. This figure is growing all the time. Been offered .0.599 debit and I think .799 credit from handepay. 15.99 terminal no other fees no compliance fee no cust not present etc. Saves me roughly 50 quid a month. Any better deals? Not worldpay or...
  12. P

    Card payment processor

    Been using elavon for a year. Contracts up looking at options. Already found handepay can save me roughly 50 quid a month. Put between 8 and 10k through each month 85 percent debit cards. Currently pay 14.99 plus vat terminal 4 pm compliance Being offered 0.599 percent debit. 0.799percent...
  13. S

    Best Payment Processors Instead of Paypal With High Limits

    So handepay didn't go through and I ended up signing up for stripe. All went well for the first two transactions but now I have XXXX and instead of transferring in 7 days as usual they have now moved the estimated transfer date to another 7 days. At first I thought okay, I am a new signup, it is...
  14. S

    Best Payment Processors Instead of Paypal With High Limits

    So I ended up going with Handepay after a UKBF member from them contacted me, I am going through the application process at the moment and so far so good, he has been incredibly helpful. There is a processing delay of 4 days in total so I will have to work around it. However, apart from that it...
  15. japancool

    Paypal Merchant Fee Discount Application

    For the younger demographic, Paypal will almost certainly increase your conversions over a traditional gateway. Paypal is a name everyone recognises. Sagepay is not.
  16. K


    I joined this forum after looking for any previous court cases involving Handepay Ltd and Merchant Rentals Ltd. After reading Jonathan Wells replies I have tried to access the website that was set up after he won his case in court against them but it doesn't appear to be accessable now. Jonathan...
  17. LMDServicesUK

    Conned by Payment Sense - TWICE either have organisations such as WorldPay, EMS or GP who can provide the Merchant Services and the terminal or ISO's such as PS, Handepay, CardCutters to name a few who provide the front end service but work with a third party Aquiring Bank ( such as FD) to provide processing services...
  18. A

    Credit & Debit Card Charges

    ...being charged it but not passing it onto the customer. The processing is with a new company just come to the UK called EVO based in Germany. Handepay apparently have also got them on board with them now. The pricing is very low on the rental side and with them NOT charging PCI, free...
  19. J


    Thank you for the link - always good to see this from a long standing member And of course, this applies to Handepay too. It's Handepay who sign you up for the contracts. I've just heard from someone else who had a four year contract. On the day of the 4 years are up he sent the terminal...
  20. J


    I have joined this forum as it was helpful in preparing me for our our case against Merchant Rentals and Handepay. We won our court case just a few days ago. Merchant Rentals took us to court for payment of the contract and we were able to show the judge that handepay and Merchant Rentals ARE...
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