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    Can you copy a old design from say the 1940's

    With the advent of 3D Printers, can you copy a design from say 1940 and reproduce it now but using modern day materials Items not produced anymore for years Old manufactured goods used Bakelite Company who produced items probably no longer in existence Not sure of copyright laws before 1988...
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    What is involved for a Italian company sending goods to the UK under a value of £135

    I used to buy from a Italian company, but now they have a minimum order of £135, I have brought other goods from the EU under £135 without any problem after Brexit so curious why this limit
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    Looking to buy replacement battery for laptop

    As it states looking to buy battery for "hp pavilion 14-bk070sa battery" So far only found companies suggestion UK based but in China HP site does not appear to sell them Any suggestions of good reliable UK supplier who is also reasonably quick
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    If Scotland joines the EU will the Black Watch be controlled by the big fish or controlled by the EU

    With the outside possibilities of the EU Army materialising, will the Scottish regiments be controlled by the EU Makes you wonder how the troops would like it, if it ever happens
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    Made a oops on windows 10 virtual memory

    Had a problem with sound disappearing after sleep so looked on google and told to change vertual memory to 3000. Did this in windows and found i had buggered up windows that now takes a hour to load half way and then conks out Cannot open settings to change back settings to a sensible number...
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    New boss at Unite Union who thinks more of members that labour

    Seem a good idea that the new leader of the unite union thinks that looking after it's members jobs and conditions is better that being a slave to Labour Maybe there is hope for common sense after all
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    How do you rate BBC Online news

    Myself I find the online news so poor quality a large number of headings but most appear to be over one day old when you click through When you consider the daily newspapers can have news spread over a large number of pages, it just goes to show how little the BBC cares about giving current...
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    What is this Fire and Re-Hire business

    Notice today that Clarks Shoes are looking at Firing employee's and then offering them to re hire at 15% less pay and this is apparently allowed and has been done by British Airways and other big companies How is this done and do the fired employees get redundancy etc In the new BBC online...
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    Scam phone calls

    If when you get a scam call, you don't hang up but just put the phone down next to the phone, does that tie up the prone line of the scammers as a inconvenience to them, or does it automatically cut off if no conversations are taking place Obviously landlines
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    Scotland's independence

    The SNP wants independence so they can run their own affairs, which if fine if that's what they want, but how is it Independence when they also want to join the EU as a tiny nation with little say in how its run
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    Often wondered how posts on forums effect posters sales

    With the ease of finding many posters on the internet, do you think that many extremists views will lead to people looking up the companies of these people and have a negative effect on using them
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    Well the idiots have Killed near 70,000 and ruined millions of christmasses

    Well we find the idiots who rebelled against common sense, in refusing to keep to social distancing, the wearing of face masks, government advice etc, must be very happy this morning, with deaths raising at alarming rates, Hospitals nearly full and millions of Christmases ruined,
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    Born in 1930-1980's

    This may bring back memories <iframe src="" width="476" height="591" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"...
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    Starting a new business

    Should we have a header alongside Forums, Blogs, Members et titled Starting a business It would give the basic advice on how to start a limited company, duties of directors, shareholdings, and most of all the reasons why a shareholders agreement should be made and maybe a sample of area's that...
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    How many staff are you letting work from home

    How many permanent staff in your company, are your going to let them work from home full time, when previously they were based in the office?
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    Are the moderators doing enough in keeping down personal abuse and name calling

    Over the last few years there seems to have been a growing free for all in abuse to members without any interference by the moderators who seem happy to let it go. There should be no room for Name calling or accusing some one of a crime without any evidence. Often someone mentions just a very...
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    A different way of looking at corona deaths

    To put the number of deaths in perspective for the idiots who don't believe in keeping social distancing you can pick any of these towns / city's and they represent the numbers killed by Corona virus 216 King's Lynn 46,093 Town 217 Barrow-in-Furness 45,865 Town 218 Sutton in Ashfield 45,848...
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    Lets all knock down a statue we dislike

    The craze seems to be to clean out history of all things done to all people Whilst I sympathise with the coloured communities around the world is knocking down Statues really the answer, not seen and wiped out of history With history you must use intelligence and understand it at the time it...
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    The EU was adamant that company support was not allowed under EU rules

    Has Germany and france broken the rules on state aid by supporting both the aircraft and Car industry
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    Only in the USA would this happen

    Have a look at how some Americans seem to dislike the lockdown , unbelievable with all the guns
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