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    Finding premises

    Coastal towns are always good for restaurants and cafe's to sell in the winter months
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    Should I be seeing more of the system(s) and manuals I would be locked in to in a franchise?

    Have you visited some of the other franchised units not those recommended by the owner and asked leading questions to franchiser. Its reported that some just give people to visit lists of the most successful franchises, you need to visit the good and the struggling ones Also really consider...
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    Ho can I discover who has objected to my DS01 ?

    It sounds like you are appling preferential treatment which may well come back to bite you
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    Customs / Taxes. Taking goods from US to UK, repairing and sending back to US ?

    I would suggest you go to the USA on holiday, buy the machine, repair it and sell it. That way you get a holiday and make the full profit as well with no import export holdups Alternatively just go over there, repair it for him at say $500-750 and let him sell it Or just sell him the...
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    More Than What I Told The Bank?

    How did you make contact with this company or did they find you? How much due diligence have you done on them
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    More Than What I Told The Bank?

    Go in take the paperwork and talk to the business manager at your bank Presumably you will be paid monthly maybe after 30-60 days The more information you give them the easier it is for them to confirm its northing illegal
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    If you were starting a hosting company...

    24/7 support is the hard thing to offer, the big boys tend to be good at it, the small companies can at best only handle one or two calls at the same time and not 24/7
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    Best Male? Nope! Best Female? Nope!

    Maybe the other half (is that allowed) don't fancy being on the road for a few years earning peanuts until they become semi famous and make a little money. They prefer a nice clean bed and lots of room for their clothes and even popping down to the fridge in the middle of the night for a snack...
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    Best Male? Nope! Best Female? Nope!

    Moo to you
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    What is the cause of giving up on your business!

    The have no sales experience and think that being 10% cheaper businesses will ditch their present supplier and go to them, forgetting that service is very important They forgot to make a proper cashflow projection They did not realise how many skills a business owner starting up needs to...
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    Customer asking for data to be removed?

    Whilst you are legally obliged to keep financial records for I think 6 years, that does not stop you deleting emails, contacts, phone numbers and so on from your current computer records. although i would keep copies of any contracts Just my thoughts
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    Adding a shareholder to a limited company

    Before you do anything talk to a solicitor and get a Shareholders agreement draw up prior to issuing or giving away any shares
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    Two businesses side by side

    You can have one Ltd company and one bank account if you want with two Trading as , so xxx Ltd trading as say "John smith plastics" and "John Smith Woodwork"
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    Payment Practices of Large Corporate Clients

    It does not have to be big companies, we spent years trying to sell school uniforms, we had our own embroidery department yet no school would give us the right to use their logo, they got a big amount of money from one supplier in town and never offered any tenders opportunities
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    Parcel firms failing to deliver on performance

    There have been massive improvements by all courier services over the last few years so no complaints by me and Royal Mail will now get your local postman to pick up anything you need to send to save you walking to a post box or office, so all in all they seem to be investing in the future and...
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    Cop26 When is the planet going to get serious about climate change?

    Its always the governments fault, yet we all elected the governments over the last few hundred years, I wonder how many ever asked the candidates any questions on their ability before they voted for them, or attended any meetings etc, or did they just vote the same as their parents did which...
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    Business partner not paying dividends

    Is he paying interest at the going rate to the company for the loans to the other company. its not his money it belongs to the company there is a big difference, If northing else these payments need to be shown in the monthly accounts Are you a signature on the bank account and access to all...
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    Becoming a Delivery Driver / Courier

    Hermes (Herpes) do just local drop and pick up where you can use your car to deliver it might be the easy option at low cost to see if its what you really want to do. but them hours seem long and your driving licence is always a ticket away to meet timed deliveries
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