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  1. Shaun_Pearce

    Sad to see...

    So I've returned to UKBF after many moons of being in an industry which didn't require me to spent countless hours trawling business forums. However I've returned to what seems like an old wild west abandoned town which has so much life and vibrancy. I really hope UKBF isn't fading in Wales...
  2. Shaun_Pearce

    Daviker - Does anyone use it or have used it in the past?

    You would think that the customer support for a dialler system would be on point. However trying to get something in the form of personalised help is tough with these guys. I'm looking to pick your brains if you have had a go at this previously or if you still do!
  3. Shaun_Pearce

    [DATA NEEDED] B2C Mobile PAYG Numbers

    Hello again UKBF, Hope you're all well. I'm at a bit of a loss at the moment in my search for reliable data for consumer Pay As You Go data. If you can point me in a reliable direction for information or if you know of a business that help please let it be known here. Kind regards Shaun
  4. Shaun_Pearce

    Orange/T-Mobile/EE Mobile Phone Data Supplier WANTED

    Hi all, It's been a while since I've had a little read of the forums. If you know me - Hi. If you don't - Nice to meet you. I'm after mobile contract data of customers on Orange, T-Mobile and EE. I have a contact who has a dealer code who's looking to cold call customers due an upgrade to...
  5. Shaun_Pearce

    Money Laundering Check: Online vs Manual

    I've been around the forums for quite some time now and have a good network of contacts and friends from contributing here. I hope I'm not over stepping the mark by reaching out for advice on the following. I speak to a lot of DM's regarding their ML checks daily and I find that some are...
  6. Shaun_Pearce

    Looking for Introductions in to Games / Toys Industry

    I'm looking for introductions in to the Toys or Games industry to get in touch about a major charity event that's taking place on October 18-19. I would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities which could put their brand in front of a large audience and provide great exposure. It's a unique...
  7. Shaun_Pearce

    Connections in to the Music Industry?

    I'm wondering if anyone has any connections in to the music industry. In particular the Dance/DJ side of the industry? I'm looking for the best route to go down or an introduction to get in touch with someone who knows the indstry well to find a contact. Wrong place maybe. Worth a try however.
  8. Shaun_Pearce

    Money Laundering Checks

    I'm interested to learn how long can actually take to do a manual check and what documentation you have to take in total? As part of a campaign I'm doing at the moment in providing Online Anti-Money Laundering checks. I'm looking for experiences you may be able to share to help me with my...
  9. Shaun_Pearce

    CCJ Data - Insolvency Information

    I'm curious to learn if anyone here would benefit from the information I have access to here. Would you benefit from knowing if a business just received a CCJ today? Possibly a CCJ that could put them out of business? I'm perfectly positioned to provide data on businesses who are showing...
  10. Shaun_Pearce

    Failing Businesses - Who would benefit?

    Working in an industry where I am perfectly positioned to monitor businesses showing clear signs of potential insolvency or in simple terms, signs of a failing business. I would like to know what kind of businesses would benefit from this kind of data? For example who would be interested in...
  11. Shaun_Pearce

    B2B Data - New Businesses

    Hi guys, I'm just wondering if you could give me an idea of who to target that may need brand new business data? For those in a sales capacy, you'll know what the next couple of days means... My manager has made me a deal that if I do a deal for 2k today he'll put 500 quid in my pocket. So...
  12. Shaun_Pearce

    Mortgage Advice Needed -

    Me and my partner are looking to purchase our first house together and are looking for a little advice. If you can help, please drop me a quick PM. Cheers
  13. Shaun_Pearce

    AML Checks - Old vs New

    I'm interested to learn who has moved away from the old way of conducting the important compliance checks on customers to a new digital solution? Yes I work for a company that provides online AML and ID checks. However I'm curious to learn if anyone here has changed the way they do their...
  14. Shaun_Pearce

    Compliance Checks - AML/ID

    Has anyone moved away from the traditional manual way of conducting ID/AML checks on customers to a digital solution? I'm curious to learn how you find it versus the old way?
  15. Shaun_Pearce

    Do we have any Gamers/Gaming Enthusiasts/Experts here?

    I'm embarking on a journey to discover if it's possibly to host a permanent location here in the UK for the up and coming phenomenon known as "eSports". Like or lump it the professional video gaming industry is quickly taking strides in becoming a major player in the world of business. The...
  16. Shaun_Pearce

    Anti Money Laundering Checks

    I would like to know what kind of businesses are required to carry out AML checks. I'm aware of the kind of sectors that need to carry out these important checks. However I'm involved in a campaign to help businesses get access to an online service that is compliant with all the regulations...
  17. Shaun_Pearce

    Business Workshops - How popular are they?

    I'm curious to learn how many you've attended in the last 12 months? Added to this how many have you done yourself in the last 12 months? All I'm wanting to know is how popular these activites really are and how beneficial people find them. I think I just had one of those moments where a...
  18. Shaun_Pearce

    Oooh giggity! I just had one of those "I got a business idea" moments..

    I have them quite often actually. I was curious to learn what you tend to do when you get a moment like this? The idea itself makes me get all excited inside and butterflies, what is that? Ha! Well I'm off to do what In think is the best thing and google it to death and research the...
  19. Shaun_Pearce

    3D Printers

    I'm very interested in the whole concept of printing in 3D and believe there could be some interesting business ideas coming to light when they become mainstream for the consumer market to use at an affordable price. I was hoping there would be someone out there with knowledge of these...
  20. Shaun_Pearce

    Consumer Data Needed

    Hi all, I'm working on the Boiler Replacement Grant for people on benefits/pension credit at the moment. Would anyone happen to know if data with the following criteria exists? Home owner Annual income less than £16,000 - Possibly on benefits Thanks Shaun
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