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    Blog Posts

    What happens to blog posts?
  2. webdesignnewcastle

    Which media streaming player?

    I want to move to media streaming player, read loads of reviews and still have no idea. I have read about Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast and other solutions. Something with a good interface Has anyone got any recommendations? Thanks Nick <edited>
  3. webdesignnewcastle

    Freelance WordPress Developer needed

    I am looking for freelance WordPress Developer from the UK only. I have several projects and need more help. Please direct message me.
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    Which is best SEO API any recommendations?
  5. webdesignnewcastle

    Seed Funding Available

    We have seed funding available for new business or business looking too easy their cash flow. Ideal business for seed funding Technology VR - Virtual Reality Software Development Manufacturing Food and Drinks Start-ups Wikipedia says speed money is: Seed money, sometimes known as seed...
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    Amazon Prime vs Netflix

    Which do you like best? I have tried both and for me, it's Netflix's
  7. webdesignnewcastle

    Do you trust a website without address or telephone?

    I was a networking meeting this morning someone was talking about online trust of a website. He had bought some services from a website but they did not have an address or telephone number. I said I would not trust them. Do you trust a website without address or telephone? For me, I never...
  8. webdesignnewcastle

    Bluetooth iBeacon

    Hi I have been testing some Bluetooth iBeacon's, I bought from China and not happy with results. The Eddystone app software is great but does not pick up the iBeacons. Has any got any recommendation or suppliers of iBeacons in the UK? Thank you Nick
  9. webdesignnewcastle

    Web Design Newcastle

    Web Design Newcastle aim is to enrich Newcastle businesses and people with beautiful, functional websites. You need a website, and you need it now. With in-house web designers and expert journalists and PR copywriters, our team can get you up and be running quickly and effectively. Great...
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