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    Can I claim VAT on goods paid by contractor?

    Hello! I have a bit of an issue with a contractor who installed a AC unit for me. Our company is VAT registered but the contractor is not VAT registered. We agreed on an installation based on the fact that I would reclaim VAT on the goods that he would use for the job. I therefore expected 2...
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    Liquidation of a company part of a group - consequences?

    Hi there, I currently run 3 coffee shops under the same trading name. The 3 of them are different limited companies, all of them being 100% owned by a holding company which I partially own alongside other investors. I had to close one of my coffees as the sales were not as good as expected (the...
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    Zero hours contract or???

    Hello, I run a restaurant and my employees are hired with a zero contract. Some of them have asked to be guaranteed a certain amount of hours, which I am happy to offer (like minimum 40 hours/week). But I would also like them to give me a 4 weeks notice should they decide to leave the company...
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    New compulsory pension scheme

    Hi all, I just received a letter from the Pension Regulator saying that from next year, it will be compulsory to put our staff into a pension scheme and pay into it. Do you know if that applies to zero hours contracts as well? Also does anyone have roughly an idea of the cost of such a...
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    Marketing solution

    Good afternoon, My business is getting bigger (I am opening a second restaurant) and I am now willing to spend a bit of money on marketing. Right now, I am thinking customers database management / emailing / loyalty card and any other way to help me engaging with my existing/potential...
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    Professional dishwasher

    Hi all, I am about to refurbish a 80 covers restaurants and I need to buy a new pass through dishwasher. I have quotes from Classeq, Winterhalter and Nelsonwash. Has anyone used one of their dishwashers and would be able to give a feedback? Thank you!
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    A new company to open a new branch?

    Hello, I run a restaurant which is doing alright and I would like to open another branch that would trade under the same brand and offer the same service. My question is: should I do it within the existing company or should I create a new company? If I create another company, could I get a...
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    SEIS Scheme

    Hello, I have a small question regarding the SEIS scheme. My company was created in November 2011 but really started trading in June 2012. I am now willing to expand and looking for investors. I would like them to be able to claim 50% of their investment thanks the SEIS scheme. HOwever, it...
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    EBITDA and NIC

    Hello (again:-)), I have a small question regarding the EBITDA and the National Insurance Contributions. Should they be seen as an administrative expense and therefore taken into account in the EBITDA or as a tax in which case I should take them off? Thank you veru much for your precious help!
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    Lease depreciation

    Hello, I'm about to sign for a lease assignment with 10 years remaining on the lease. The premium is £120,000. The lease is within the act, which means I have rights to renew it if I want in 10 years. Where do I stand in term of depreciation? What should I forecast in my P&L? A depreciation of...
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    Tax incentive for new investors

    Hello, I'm about to issue new shares to fund the growth of my company. I know that it can be attractive for investors because there are some tax incentives but how does the system work? HOw much can they deduct from their taxes? 30% of their investment? Is there a limit? Where can I find more...
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    Capital dilution

    Hello! When I created my company 2 years ago, the capital was made of 100 shares. I own 87% of them and another member of my familiy 13%. I now want to expand my business and would like to share equity to raise some cash. I would like to propose to my friends an offer of 0.2% of the company...
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    Loan vs equity

    Hi Everybody, My little company (cafe restaurant on a niche product) is doing not so bad (already profitable after 1.5 years of activity) and I would like to develop it further. For this, I would need a large amount of money (around £300,000) to open another branch that would be much more...
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    CUT tourism VAT campaign

    Hi there, I have heard quite regularly these last months about the campaign to cut VAT in the tourism industry. I know that this kind of campaign has been quite successful in other European countries. Does anyone know if this is likely to happen soon in the UK?
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    Financial ratios in the catering industry

    Hello, I'm currently trying to analyse my financial performance and I would be interested to compare it with my competitors I run a small restaurant. What are the ratios I should look at? Does anyone know the average/usual ratios in the catering industry? Thank you very much for your help!
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    Can I fine an employee?

    Hi there, I run a small restaurant. One of my employee is in charge of receptionning the deliveries. A few weeks ago she forgot to put the cheese in the fridge. As result the whole case worth £60 had to go to the bin. I made it pretty clear that it was not acceptable and it should not happen...
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    Hello, I am looking for an online supplier that could supply me nice packaging that I would use to prepare my own assortments (4 canned fish for example or a bottle of wine plus a few other items...). Do you know where I can find that? Thank you very much for your help!
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    Flat scheme rate - is VAT payable on evrything?

    Hi there, I run a coffe shop and currently use the flat scheme rate. I think I have understood the bascis: I can't claim anything back (unless it's more than 2k) and I have to give back to HMRC 11.5% of my turnover (VAT included), 12.5% afetr year 1. My question is about the items (all...
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    Business car for personal use?

    Hello! My wife is pregnant and I'm considering getting a car. I am the owner and director of a company limited. So my question is: can I make a business leasing for a car I will mostly use in my private life? Can it be part of my salary package or is it illegal? Thank you very much for your...
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    Should I add VAT on everything?

    Hello, I run a small cafe/restaurant and I am VAT registered. For the moment I use the flat scheme rate but I think I will soon reach the threshold that will force me to use the normal system. I'll of course charge VAT on the food and drinks but do I have to charge VAT on the others...
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