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    Hi Dean, I have your contact from a member "The Byre". A UK company ows me 2 invoice payments...

    Hi Dean, I have your contact from a member "The Byre". A UK company ows me 2 invoice payments (Decemper/January). How can I force them to pay?
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    Threats from a company

    "the original contract was subject to English law and because it was an exclusive contract, not allowing you as a private individual to take on any other work, made you (possibly!) an assigned employee and not a subcontractor and as such, a covenant preventing you from working outside the...
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    Threats from a company

    does the contract you signed with this company, make the jurisdiction 'England and Wales' (or possibly Scotland) or is that left open? England and Wales what is the status of your Polish company (private self-employed individual, or Ltd.)? private self-employed individual did you approach the...
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    Threats from a company

    Who are these people threatening, you or the company you are working for? They are thretening me (I am having 1 person company) What are they threatening to do - what action are they threatening to take? As you have breached clauses X and Y causing Loss to Company, this activates clause Z which...
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    Threats from a company

    Do you have any good solicitor to recommend? I am based in Poland
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    Threats from a company

    Hi, a company in UK wants to go to a court because they claim that they have losses indicated from the "fact" that now I am working for the client directly and I did not extend the contract with them. The fact is that they did not extend a contract with me at the first place and in my old...
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