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  1. Simon.P

    Recording phone calls

    hi Does anyone know what i need to do (if anything) for recording phone calls? I'm a sparky and sometimes i have to call clients to tell then X Y or Z has happened or what would you like me to do about this etc. So it's things outside the estimate they have already agreed to. Thanks
  2. Simon.P

    Recommended voice recording app for Android

    Hi Can anyone recommend an app that will record the whole conversation (both myself and person on the other end) perfectly every time? And then easily exported mp3 or whatever file so i can keep for future reference if i need it. Thanks
  3. Simon.P

    Anyone else using Cloudconvert?

    I like using Dropbox and Onedrive but they don't natively allow you to unzip from the web panel. So if you use something like Google takeout to shift your data from one to another pretty pointless if you have to download and unzip locally. Cloudconvert unzips without having to download, unzip...
  4. Simon.P

    Google my business post

    Does Google inform my reviewers of any posts made?
  5. Simon.P

    How does ad tracking work?

    I am logged on to my Chromebook as me. Mrs opens Chrome and is looking for gas hobs. we browse various sites (some direct, some via google - where the images pop up underneath the search bar) including, appliances direct and currys. Whilst we are procrastinating which hob to get she...
  6. Simon.P

    Premium IP phone number

    Can anyone recommend a voip provider for a premium number? I'm with Voipfone for a local number but they don't do the premium ones. Want it for potential 24 hour call out service so the idea is only people who really need it (and prepared to pay of course !)
  7. Simon.P

    Tracking traffic from 301 redirect

    Hi. I have a short, memorable domain that i will point at my main site (which is not so easy to remember). I would like to track when people arrive at my site via the short domain as i plan to use it one area only and would like to measure if its viable or not. Any suggestions much...
  8. Simon.P

    G Suite contacts dropped physical address

    Unless mistaken a physical address cannot be added from the web interface anymore? If you click on more fields it still doesn't allow an address to be added - unlike the previous interface. The daft thing is if you create a contact via smartphone it allows you to add it which is then visible...
  9. Simon.P

    Suggestions to enclose with Christmas Card

    I send customers a Christmas card wishing them a merry christmas and a list of my services on the back. they have been quite successful in the past with work as a result from the recipient, or someone in their office, shop or home who spotted it. I was wondering on what others thought about...
  10. Simon.P

    Website review - all comments most appreciated

    Hi, Thanks to @fisicx trade theme (and help along the way) and the excellent SEO course from @Tin i have managed to get myself a load of leads when customers search for terms i would like to be found. If you could spare any time to look at it and give me some honest criticism and where i could...
  11. Simon.P

    301 redirects

    hi. I just ran a competitors website through Screaming Frog and noticed they have a 301 for every page?! The 200 status page is exactly the same. Why would anyone do this? So as an example: domain/socks/red 301 domain/socks/red/200
  12. Simon.P

    Google looking more at visual appearance than before?

    Thanks to studying the fresh bananas course (and help from the great bloke himself) i got my site to SERP 3 for my primary keyword. The two above me were nationwide companies; i was the first local trade so happy with that. I sat there for some time and then the big G had a shuffle. I dropped to...
  13. Simon.P

    Paid ads in Google (UK) local pack

    Is this something new, or happening for a while? Just noticed it now.
  14. Simon.P

    How stable are the SERPS for your keywords?

    Evening. Just curious on how much other website owners/webmasters are aware of the serps changing for keywords they are chasing. For me, 1-4 have remained stable and the rest of page one (where i am for some) are on some kind of juggling machine!!
  15. Simon.P

    How do you build your wordpress sites?

    Do you build locally using something like XAMPP and then upload to host when complete or upload to sub-domain and place something in the robots.txt to stop search engines whilst it is being worked on and before its moved? Happy new year!
  16. Simon.P

    1447 links from localhost

    I have just installed SEO Spyglass and noticed i have 1447 links from to the wordpress theme developers site. Is this likely to be a problem for me?
  17. Simon.P

    Document after payment gateway

    Hi. I carry out reports which involve me producing a pdf upon completion. I am looking for a method which would allow me to attach the report to a payment gateway so when the customer pays, their report is released to them. I had an incomprehensible email back from Paypal and as far as I can...
  18. Simon.P

    SERP results by area

    I notice the excellent serplab has the option to specify area for the keywords you are working / watching. Just make sure its the same syntax as Google maps and submit. One keyword i am working on is serp 3 when specifying the area, and 34 when just google uk. I guess its good to compare, but...
  19. Simon.P

    How to measure domain referral

    Morning. A friend of mine has offered to market some of my services through his sales force and i wanted a way to measure this regardless if they convert to sales or not - basically if they go to my site or not. So if i purchase a short, memorable domain which points to my website (which is not...
  20. Simon.P

    Determining the value of link(s)

    I have been watching 2 competitors who are usually between 1-4 serp for 2 keywords i am working on. One of them has a few pages, very little copy, the same titles across pages and when i ran the url through the google speed test thing, it said it was slow. I did a reverse lookup and it is on a...
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