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Nikki Hesford Business Academy

Nikki Hesford Business Academy is a full-service Business Advisory helping businesses from pre-start, to start up, up to multi million pound turnover.

The scope of our support is varied. Some businesses are brilliant with their products, services and sales, but rubbish (by their own admission!) at anything financial related. They need help creating a budget/forecast and gaining visibility of what their commercial strategy will be.

Other businesses are brilliant with a spreadsheet, they know their income and expenditure off by heart for any given month and love a good Pivot but they find marketing, sales, digital marketing etc a complete myself (many may even think its a waste of time, and 'fluffy' stuff that doesn't equate into cash sales)

Other businesses (usually start ups) feel like they are lost in a sea of information. Every time they Google something, they get five conflicting responses. They just need someone expert who they can ask advice from - and usually this is at 10pm at night! These businesses pay a modest retainer (usually £200-300 a month) and for this they get a full service package, with their sales, marketing, commercials.

Some people just need an hour on the phone once a month to sense check something before they embark on it - this is £35 and there is no further commitment. This is popular with pre-start businesses.


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