Insolvency Cover.

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Insolvency Cover.

BUSINESS INSOLVENCY COVER - 24 years of evolution.

INSOLVENCY COVER is a pioneer in asset protection. Our mission is to empower our clients, business or homeowners to be prepared to assert their legal rights in the protection of ALL their business or personal assets, in the face of legal action by predator creditors. We strive to provide our clients with the necessary Insolvency Cover, in preparation for the next recession or financial crisis.

This pioneering spirit has made us a success with our clients. We have become experts in developing and advancing the concept of Insolvency Cover with our innovative products and services by understanding the many and varied problems that our clients encounter.

Insolvency Cover is proud of its independence. This independence provides us with stability and allows us to plan in the long term and enables us to make our own corporate decisions, free from any bank related pressures.

We look after the interests of all our clients by maintaining this independence. This enables us to be their first choice partner for asset cover and protection. Seen as a partner with our clients we provide all clients with full guidance, advice and assistance, both now and into the future.

With historical creditor cases like the RBS Plc currently active within the courts, forward planning to protect your assets is crucial.

We strive to protect both individual consumers and business owners with a quality of provision and service that proves suitable for all their needs in the area of Insolvency Cover and asset protection.


In 2016 primarily as a consequence of the advancement of integrated online platforms, we now deliver a cost-effective and efficient processing portal that captures client application data and quickly reviews and underwrites each application. We can provide - Instant Online Cover* same day for Business and Personal clients for our ICP products.

The products now re-branded under our label and with a 24-year track record, are now targeted at business owners and consumers who wish to protect all their business assets and the equity in their commercial property or homes, from the vagaries of the current business and commercial environment.

Behind our Insolvency Cover Plan application process, there is an agile back office team who combine high-end development skills with out-of-the-box thinking and a passion for genuine human interaction with our customers. ICP's have now become the top choice for business owners and professionals looking to protect their business and personal assets and interests, providing them with peace of mind and the tools to deal with current and future problems, should they arise.

We are proud to offer our clients the opportunity to lean on our years of hard earned experience, working directly with them in order to protect their life's endeavours and futures, from predatory creditors, bankers, Lenders and whatever else business life throws at them.


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